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With the coming of crisp air mornings, night chills, ghost and goblins you can sense that wrestling season is near. It’s the best time of year, a season of competing and putting your trained skills to the test in tournaments, dual meets, school teams, travel teams and national team competitions. As you have seen we’ve been competing all year as Elite Wrestling & lately as Killa Bees with the help Charles Nevlin, Maria Wehner, Jackie Falcone and others (Thank You!). We always say it takes a village and with Elite Wrestling offering more training days per week than ever before the help is needed to  ensure the kids have the opportunities. With all the opportunity I offer, I feel a small number of families are taking advantage of the presented opportunities. I hope to see that change as the wrestling season is here.


Understand the purpose of wrestling in my eyes is very layered. Yes I will always strive for State, National & World Championships but in the end I will be looking to develop strong, confident men and women that are productive adults that wrestled. These people will care for others, work hard for themselves but also willing to do the same for others. They are motivated to be successful in academia, business, socially and at home in their family life. They will be thriving on the hard work and dedication they’ve shown to embrace and the positive reinforcements they are absorbing from home. I want my athletes/wrestlers to cherish their parents/wife/husband/children’s praise and be driven by the will to make them proud. Hopefully through your amazing parenting and our proven process we can have an amazing wrestling career which will lead to an incredibly successful life.


I’ve been in wrestling for 45 years, for the past 20 years I’ve been a parent of a wrestler that has grown-up exclusively in the Elite Wrestling experience & process with many of the same coaches your kids are interacting with at our current practices. Today he is a CBA HS graduate, redshirt sophomore at Northwestern University with 3.0 GPA, a returning D1 All American and currently ranked #2 in the country at 125lbs. The purpose of this paragraph is not to brag about my kid to but illustrate the successful possibilities of our wrestling/mentoring system if you trust in our process and are “All IN”. There are so many success examples in our history but in today’s wrestling game some people get caught up in trends instead of consistency  and results. I can give you several strong examples of these bad decisions which turned to failures for wrestlers that were once Elite Wrestlers but I won’t because that’s not nice 🙂 Be all in and the possibilities are unlimited. “Elite for Life” is not a business slogan but is a Life-Theme me and many others have been true to for 25+ years.


Many experienced coaches proclaim the sport of wrestling at a proficient levels takes 3 – 5 years. I feel that all depends on the age group you are tending to. At Elite Wrestling we have State Champions at every levels so we are producing kids that are finishing above the rest as we have others that don’t win a match at the state tournament. The difference in our wrestlers  is the “all in” approach. Wrestling is a time investment sport, sometimes long weekends, driving hours to competitions and/or, practices all take time but the return is two-fold. Your wrestlers progression is quicker, they will be more confident, consistent and very motivated. The extended family and wrestling time co-exist with whoever is involved in your support system process at home. So in the end you get quality family time and wrestling. Good times with good people.


With all this said and explained I am making schedule changes in Manalapan for what I feel will be a better wrestling experience with more progress in the process of Wrestling for those involved. I have several reasons why I want to make changes to the second day of practice per week. Mainly to enhance the wrestling experience and increase the wrestlers progress. Second, I hate the fact that it is cold in that Manalapan facility and the landlord fights me on having it on a reasonable heated temperature during these cold months. And lastly, Friday night and Saturday morning tend to be competition days and for the last two years I have attended practiced on Friday nights and have missed those competitions. I am getting back to what got me here, supporting my wrestlers.  I’m consistently at practice but the class attendance tends to vary and drop to as small as 8 of 20 kids in that second class. I’m hopeful you will agree that you will get more for your money and I will get more of them to practice that is held on Sunday morning. My plan is to give this a try for the next 5 months (March) and make permanent decisions from there.


Wednesday night in Manalapan will stay the same. It’s Friday in Manalapan that is moving to Jackson on Sunday morning. For those of you that have issue with this schedule change please reach out to me directly and we can discuss your refund or other day/time possibilities. My Jackson location is 15 miles from Englishtown, I’m hoping the Sunday timing will be the incentive to make the drive. Once you experience wrestling in our home facility you will understand why I made the move.


Elite Wrestling Practice Schedule

Monday – Toms River 6:00 & 7:00

Tuesday – Jackson 6:00 & 7:30

Wednesday – Toms River 6:00 & 7:00

Wednesday – Manalapan 6:00 & 7:00

Thursday – Jackson 6:00 & & 7:30


Sunday – Jackson 10:00 & 11:00am


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