Elite Wrestling Student/Athlete/Wrestler Guidelines

This guideline was originally taken from my older brother Randy’s 1984 Manalapan High School Wrestling Brochure. It was written by Hall of Fame and NJ State Legendary Coach Dennis D’Andrea. Denny was the coach of Manalapan High School when I was in the 7th and 8th grade. I would go to my brother practices and watch Denny work kids like I had never seen before. There were many Region 6 standouts in the room at the time like Tom Fasano, Cary Broad, Vin Brunetti, John Bendickson. It was my first taste of what I thought it would take to be the best. Denny was a big part of that. My freshman year Denny moved on to Brick Memorial where he went on to win many Shore & State Championships. In those two-year Denny encouraged me and motivated to be the best I could be. Its unfortunate he left before I entered high school but in his departure I gained two great asset to my game in Bill Terrell and Arnie Liftland. Together Bill, Arnie, Denny, Jack Finley, Dan Quintilani, Art Arbiteman, Dave Icenhower, Bob Glaberman, Bob Guzzo and a couple others are much of what I turned out to be in wrestling. Thank you all.

Denny’s guidelines are 34 years old in 2018 and I still feel this it’s as current today as it was then. This is the working mold for today’s and yesterday’s successful Student-Athletes.


Wrestling in my eyes is very layered. Yes I will always strive for State, National & World Championships but in that process I will be looking to develop strong, confident men and women that are productive adults that wrestled. These men and women care for others, work hard for themselves but are also willing to do the same for others. They are motivated to be successful in academia, business, socially and in their family life. They will be thriving on the hard work and dedication they’ve shown to embrace and the positive reinforcements they are absorbing from home. I want my athletes/wrestlers to cherish their parents/wife/husband/bother/sister/children’s praise and be driven by the will to make them proud. Hopefully through your amazing parenting and our proven process we can continue to have amazing wrestling career which will lead to an incredibly successful life.

Elite Wrestling has undergone many changes over the years. These changes have made us a “recognized” contender throughout the state of New Jersey . The changes were brought about by a group of athletes who together sacrifice long hours of hard work and determination.

If you read this booklet and decide that this program is for you. WELCOME ABOARD!!  If you decide this program is not for you. Please always remember that just by reading this booklet you come to see what we are all about and support us!! The psyche of the fans makes us better wrestlers!

As an ELITE WRESTLER, you are expected to prepare yourself physically and mentally for each and every opponent. This is done by complete dedication and sacrifice. You are further expected to conduct yourself as a gentleman on the mat as well as in school, in the community and at home. We do not nor will not accept anyone who will make us look bad or ridiculous. The influence of drugs, anti-social behavior and the like is very great today. If being a wrestler for ELITE means enough to you, the above problems should never be any concern of yours!!

Individual – HS
State Champ
Regional Champ
District Champ
Winning Record
Varsity Competition
Getting a Uniform

Individual – Youth
State Champ
Member of USA Wrestling NJ Team
NHSCA All American
Tournament Champ
Winning Record
Qualify for State Tournament

Weight loss is definitely a part of wrestling. Dropping down one class is very common. However, we do not want our wrestlers “drying out” to make weight. After month of hard workouts you can see just about where you belong.

For you body to function it needs fuel and water. Anyone who thinks that shrinking their body will make them a better wrestler is a fool. Only a wrestler who enters the season fat and way out of shape will be permitted to keep on losing weight during the season.

We want our wrestlers to eat during the season. If making weight means not eating for 2 days before a match you are in the wrong weight class! MOVE UP ONE!!

It is too ideal to think that there will be no discipline problems when you bring 40 different personalities together. There are a few things that you can do to “avoid” certain situations.

Don’t be a class clown!! Let some other person be the idiot. You don’t have to call attention to yourself. People know who you are. YOU ARE AN ELITE WRESTLER!!

Stay away from the places that breed trouble! Even if your friends are in the woods, bathrooms, ect. You should stay away. Guilt by association is common. Don’t put yourself in jeopardy!!  Be respectful to your teachers, administrators, custodians and to yourselves. It is just as easy to have manners than to not. “Please” “Thank You” and “ExcuseMe” will make you more respected than “Huh?” “What?” “Yea” Do what you’re told!! You’re a student NOT a celebrity.  We do not want to lose anyone but if you insist on trying to buck the system you will be the loser in the end. ELITE WRESTLERS ARE DISCIPLINED!!

You are expected to pass every course with atleast a C. there are no excuses to fail in school. Apply Yourself!! You cannot learn in class how can we teach you anything about wrestling? If you cannot remember notes, homework or assignment; how can you remember rules or moves or wrestling? If you are “too lazy” when it comes to school work you will be “too lazy” when it comes to “paying the price.”

There is no greater feeling than to have your hand raised in victory after a tough battle. Wrestling is one of the one man vs. another man sports. There are no gimmicks, trickplays or equipment to use. You cannot blame a loss on a teammate! If you lose. YOU LOSE!

  • On the other hand when you win. YOU WIN!!
  • It is the greatest feeling in the world!!
  • There you are in the spotlight!!
  • A Hardworker
  • A Dedicated Athlete
  • The Best!!

You may want your parents to read this section. We know that you want support but sometimes you may feel funny asking your parents to come to the matches, We’ll do it for you:

To the Parents, Brothers and Sisters,
Your son/brother has undertaken a tremendous challenge when he decided to become an ELITE Wrestler. We practice 2x per week for practically 2 hours and our practices rank up with the best and toughest. Some nights he may be tired, have headache or just feel lousy. As a wrestler he is expected to do homework every night to achieve academically also. He needs your support! Understand him. He is undergoing tremendous changes both psychologically and physically! He is learning what the world is all about.

One more thing. Especially to Moms! No junk food around the house. Your son is trying to maintain weight and keep in shape. He needs fruits and vegetables, net candy, pretzels and soda. For snacks he should eat dry roasted nuts or eggs. He does not have to stuff himself at dinner time. His body is working efficiently therefore he digest and utilizes all of the food he eats.

Now, if you have watched him pay the price, why not come out to see why? Just think of the pride you will feel when someone asks, “Who’s that super kid?” And you say “That’s my son” or “That’s my brother!!”

When we are traveling to events you are expected to sit in your seat and be quiet. Wrestling demands mental concentration. If the ride is a “party” that is exactly how you will wrestle. When we arrive at another school you are to conduct yourselves as ELITE Wrestlers which means first class. No vandalism, no talking trash, no clowning around. Even is some of your opponent’s act like idiots, it does not justify that we follow suit.  Be proud to be from ELITE!! Show it!!

  • You practice everyday there is practice!!
  • No one leaves practice.
  • Do what you are told to do at practice. If you cannot listen, you will not learn.

Whirlpool, Hydrocollator pads, Steambaths and Saunas are designed to help injured muscles and joints. You are not supposed to use them to lose weight. When you dry out your body you cannot function mentally or physically. Dehydration can be very harmful.

Almost every case of a wrestler with muscle cramps and spasms can be linked to a sauna or steambath. Losing 2 or 3 pounds the day of a match by sweating is usually ok. Losing 5-10 pounds in a sauna in a hour or two is insane.

Discipline yourself between meets so you do not have to even consider drastic measures to make weight.

Make sure your shoes fit properly. You will develop blisters if they do not. Also, do not run in your wrestling shoes. First of all they do not have arches support. Second, they will fall apart. Wrestling shoes are made to be worn on a wrestling mat only.

You will also get headgear. You must wear a head gear when you are competing in a meet. It is recommended that you wear it in practice to avoid cauliflower ear injuries. You should also “sterilize” your head gear periodically. Especially the chin strap! You may start to develop a rash or infection from the perspiration and rubbing.

Practice gear should be limited to a singlet or shorts and a t-shirt. Putting on 3 sweat shirts and a pair of sweat pants to lose weight in practice does not work. You will also get so hot that you will not be able to endure the workout.

When you are at practice, help each other. Don’t “take it easy” on one another. Your opponents are not going to “take it easy” on you during the meets. Help prepare each other for the toughest opponent, not the whimps!!

In the same respect, don’t humiliate a team mate of lesser ability. Be happy that you are as good as you are and that someone of lesser ability is trying to “learn” from you! Teach each other how to be better wrestlers and better people. Respect each other, you are all in this together. We all either enjoy the season and are proud of it or not. Remember, people will know your school and its reputation a lot sooner than they will know you as an individual. When a young man walks on the mat with “ELITE” on his uniform he will command respect!

When we weigh-in you should be stripped down and ready when your weight class is called. Nothing looks worse than a coach yelling for some wrestler to get on the scale.

You also should stand in line and keep your mouth shut. Talking trash at the weigh-ins will not win the meet for you. Usually the guy doing the talking is the one who chumps out on the mat. “Staring Down” your opponent is also bush league. Do it on the Mat!

If you are close to weight, get on the scale before official weigh-ins start. This is most important. Weigh-ins last only a half an hour. I will stall the start of the weigh-ins if it looks like you are slightly overweight. This will give you maximum time to get it off.

Once you weigh-in, get dressed and go back to our locker room. If you are going to eat something, eat right!! You cannot “PigOut” and then wrestle efficiently. Besides, you will have to make weight again in a few days.

  • Thing not to eat after weigh-ins: Soda, cake, milk, candy
  • Things to be eaten after weigh-ins: Fruit, Vegetables, Sandwiches, Gatorade
  • At the end of your match, you must shake hands with your opponent.
  • If you do not, they will deduct one team point.
  • If you don’t, I will deduct your privilege to wrestle.
  • Whether you Win, Lose or Draw you must shake hands!!
  • If you win you should be happy to shake hands
  • If you Draw or Tie be happy you didn’t lose.
  • If you Lose, shake the hand of the man that was better.
  • If you don’t like shaking the hand of your conqueror,
  • Also, No theatrics! Don’t be sticking up a finger like “We’re #1”!! That’s Bush League.
  • If you are #1 everyone will know it anyway
  • If you are not; you will look like a jerk!
  • If you are defeated; get up at the end and shake hands. Do not lay on the mat like you were shot dead. It looks ridiculous!