Elite Wrestling Student/Athlete/Wrestler Guidelines

This guideline was originally taken from my older brother Randy’s 1984 Manalapan High School Wrestling Brochure. It was written by Hall of Fame and NJ State Legendary Coach Dennis D’Andrea. Denny was the coach of Manalapan High School when I was in the 7th and 8th grade. I would go to my brother practices and watch Denny work kids like I had never seen before. There were many Region 6 standouts in the room at the time like Tom Fasano, Cary Broad, Vin Brunetti, John Bendickson. It was my first taste of what I thought it would take to be the best. Denny was a big part of that. My freshman year Denny moved on to Brick Memorial where he went on to win many Shore & State Championships. In those two-year Denny encouraged me and motivated to be the best I could be. Its unfortunate he left before I entered high school but in his departure I gained two great asset to my game in Bill Terrell and Arnie Liftland. Together Bill, Arnie, Denny, Jack Finley, Dan Quintilani, Art Arbiteman, Dave Icenhower, Bob Glaberman, Bob Guzzo and a couple others are much of what I turned out to be in wrestling. Thank you all.

Denny’s guidelines are 34 years old in 2018 and I still feel this it’s as current today as it was then. This is the working mold for today’s and yesterday’s successful Student-Athletes.


Wrestling in my eyes is very layered. Yes I will always strive for State, National & World Championships but in that process I will be looking to develop strong, confident men and women that are productive adults that wrestled. These men and women care for others, work hard for themselves but are also willing to do the same for others. They are motivated to be successful in academia, business, socially and in their family life. They will be thriving on the hard work and dedication they’ve shown to embrace and the positive reinforcements they are absorbing from home. I want my athletes/wrestlers to cherish their parents/wife/husband/bother/sister/children’s praise and be driven by the will to make them proud. Hopefully through your amazing parenting and our proven process we can continue to have amazing wrestling career which will lead to an incredibly successful life.