Steve Rivera

State Champ, State Runner-Up, National Champ, TCNJ 4x NCAA All American (8, 3, 2, 1), 2018 NWCA D3 NCAA Hall of Fame

Sebastian Rivera

Elite Alumni, 5x All American, 2x Big10 Champion, NJ State Champ, SKWC Athlete, Puerto Rico National Team, Top 5 Rank 65kg UWW

Frankie Edgar

Elite Alumni, UFC World Campion, Future UFC Hall of Famer, 2x State Place Winner, EWL Champ, Clarion 4x NCAA Qualifier

Vinnie Dellefave

Elite Alumni, One of the Shore Conference Best Wrestlers of all time. 2x NJ State Champ, 4x NJ State Place Winner, Asics HS All American, Rutgers 3x NCAA Qualifier

Danny Rodriguez

Manalapan High School Standout Heavyweight. A great spirit and voice for our programs. Tot program Specialist

Hayden Hrymack

NJ State Place Winner, Rutgers NCAA Qualifier


Elite Alumni, 3x NJ State Champ, All American for Penn State, Heavyweight Specialist

Blaine Woszczak

Elite Alumni, NJ State Place Winner, All American at Ithaca

Mike Simmons

Middletown, PA. Rutgers Grad, 3 Year Starter.

Jalen Ramos

Elite Alumni, Central Regional, Rutgers Grad

special guest alumni & coaches

Doug hamann

Elite Alumni, All American at TCNJ


Elite Alumni, Marine Corp, USAW GRECO World Team Trial Bronze Medalist

Zeke flores

Elite Alumni, Toms River East, FREESTYLE/GRECO


NJ State Champ, 2x NCAA D1 Champ Princeton Coach