Move Sportswear aims to be a move+ment in fitness and sport apparel. With innovation in mind, we have created high-performance team gear and fitness fashion that fits your family’s lifestyle. Our lines include Men, Women, Youth clothing and team gear packages. With so many over sea suppliers, we are more than proud to offer “MADE IN THE USA” products, making jobs and opportunities here in New Jersey.

Champion Athletes Sports Nutrition programs are some of the most successful programs in the country. Athletes from all over the country have been coming to our offices or using our online program to help them achieve their goals.  We offer a holistic and fully customized approach taking into consideration an athletes personal likes and dislikes, training habits and body composition. Everyone one of our athletes receives a personal evaluation and daily support from our expert staff.

Eat Clean Bro was founded in January of 2013. It was formed with a seemingly simple goal in mind, and this was to turn one man’s vision of bringing health to your doorstep, into a reality. Eat Clean Bro is a convenient service that is designed to bring chef-prepared meals right to your front door. We address the concerns of potential long­ term health problems by removing processed food, chemicals, and preservatives from your diet and preparing your meals FRESH with all-natural ingredients.

Let’em Wrestle is all about putting the student-athletes first. Too many High School Wrestlers think they don’t have the opportunity to wrestle at the collegiate level simply because their phone is not ringing off the hook. Our goal is to show these student-athletes that there are countless college opportunities to take advantage of, but they are not going to fall into your lap. You have to control the controllables and that starts with showing up and proving to college coaches that you are fully committed to growing in every aspect of being a student athlete. It is your job to be solid athletically, academically, and socially. You do that and College coaches will want you to represent their program. We are giving you the platform you need to gain the exposure you deserve, but it is up to you to take advantage of it.

“For the Wrestling Cause and the Great Men & Women it Creates”

Originally created to give our #EliteFamily Seniors Student/Athlete/Wrestlers financial scholarships for college and create opportunities for low-income families to participate in the Elite Wrestling Program at no cost. Today, the Trust still does those services but has grown into supporting local team booster clubs for wrestling programs, financial and resource support for senior level wrestlers competing nationally and is a life-long support system for our #EliteFamily.