NHSCA National Duals

NHSCA National Duals. Virginia Beach, VA

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Elite Wrestling NJ entered 7 Teams

2- Elementary Teams, 2- Middle School Teams, 3- High School Teams

I am happy to say that its finally done. I am sure now all of you understand the work and preparation necessary to pull off such a tremendous weekend year after year. Many try to duplicate but none of them even come close. I can’t thank my village enough for the work they put in over the days going beyond what any one us should expect. Ryan Lyons Gene Accardi, Ethan WallerTed BurkeScott Winston, Dan Hopkins, Bj YoungDanny Rodriguez and Vinnie DelleFave are a great group of #Homegrown talent that have matured into great young men and mentors for the kids, couldn’t be happier with my support staff and I hope you are too. In regards to the parents that helped around the BBQ, I really appreciate it, too many to name but special thanks to Kevin BurkertRita Leos Tomasiello, Bill Bohringer, Alicia Fierro Case, Charlie Case, Justin Young and the many others that took pictures, prepped food, cooked, cleaned and helped me pull this two day BBQ off. To my wrestlers: Congratulations on participating in such a prestigious national event. To our wrestlers that finished the weekend wins ahead of losses you have proved you are capable to compete and win against some of the countries best. For those of you that didn’t finish like that don’t sweat it, just know you are capable and events like this help you identify that potential. To all, understand the levels in every sport and that we are all capable with hard work, dedication, guidance and our Elite Coaches. Please accept my apology if I didn’t name you, so many helpers over the days. I appreciate you all #EliteLife#EatCleanBro #ChampionsAthlete #NiniBuilds