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  • November5th

    IMG_3070Oct 31-Nov 1st 2015. Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina The Super 32 Tournament Country’s Toughest Individual High School Tournament. Always a long weekend of great wrestling, this year was no different. It started Friday morning with an 7hr car ride NJ to NC, for some over 10hrs with the construction on I95, what a nightmare, I avoided that so that was good start to the weekend for me. On arrival to NC at Coliseum you are met with an overload of wrestler vying their way to the scale for weigh-ins. Skinny, pasty, thirsty, a room full of zombie looking teens. At that point we could tell this tournament continues to grow as does the competition and preparation. It was going to be a good tournament.

    IMG_3023When I say toughest tournament, I mean it. Each weight class has over 100+ wrestlers, the smaller ones have 60-80 kids so no shortage of matches. Its tournaments like these that it rewards you to stay in the championship side of brackets as the wrestle backs are a bloody, black & blue vision of war round after round after round after round. If you get my point, lots of matches to be won in the WB’s to medal depending on when you lose. Always impressive to see those runs from kids that grind through it and get it done.

    On the championship side of competition you will still need 5 or so tough wins to take the belt so buckle up, its no walk in the park. The advantage is you expect tough matches every round on this side of bracket so its easier to embrace. Furthermore, the glory per win at a tournament like this keeps motivation throttling round to round but the factors that I see shake the competitors apart on this side are the given talent but then mindset and conditioning factor in strong.

    IMG_3029We train to be Champions. The only one way to be Champion is by dealing with factors and Winning. The more prepared, the easier it is to win and maintain a positive approach round to round. All our wrestlers performed well and proved they are capable to themselves and hopefully that will be the motivation they need to stride into the next level. All of our wrestlers won matches, some won more than others and Sebastian won it all. It was definitely a positive experience and I was happy to see how we wrestled but we need to get better, and we will.

    Participants: Sebastian Rivera (CBA), Richie Kohler (CBA), Owen McClave (TRS), Cole Corrigan (TRS), Matt McGowen (JMHS), Kris Lindemann (HOW), Dylan James (Robbinsville) and Jordan Rugo (Allentown)

    2015 Super32 Results

    IMG_3061Congratulations to Sebastian Rivera on your Super32 Championship 113lbs. and your commitment to Northwestern University

    It was a big weekend for this guy and the family. We have raised, trained and watched this young man work very hard year to year for many years. In the classroom and on the mat he has put in the time and with that effort he has had an outstanding student/athlete career. This year a senior at Christian Brothers Academy (Lincroft, NJ), Sebastian looks as if he is out to leave his mark both in the classroom (Graduate) and on the mat (State Title) and we look forward to watching.

    In addition to winning the Super 32 National Tournament this past weekend, Sebastian, the student/athlete has decided and verbally committed to Big10 Conference Northwestern University for Fall of 2016. It is with great pride and excitement that we look forward to the college years ahead at this highly respected university #GoCats!

    Sebastian’s FloWrestling National Rank #5


  • August24th


    Elite Wrestling Registration Forms 

    Jackson Registration Form

    Toms River Registration Form

    We hope everyone enjoyed the long summer days and made the most of the downtime it brought to your life. Personally I am sad to see the summer go but I am excited to get back in the mix of things both in the local and national circuit of wrestling.

    With facilities in Jackson & Toms River are conveniently located for your convenience. In both locations we have programs for all ages and year round training available. Private Training with and without membership available too.

    With the year round schedule many of our wrestlers have been keeping busy on the mats living the wrestling lifestyle. We like 2015 R6 CHampion Sebastianto believe, it’s that sacrifice and disciplined lifestyle that earns greatness on and off the mat.

    Our programs are designed to build champions both on and off the mat. “Student / Athletes” is what we refer to them as. We work hard to emphasize the importance of school in addition to wrestling. The preparation we preach for mat competition is the same preparation we preach to compete in class.  To ensure that emphasis all Elite Wrestling staff including myself have graduated college with degrees and have competed in youth, high school and college wrestling. Its this pedigree and experience that separates our system, workouts and mindset from other clubs.

    Jackson Location – 263 Jackson Pines Rd. 

    Tuesday & Thursday
    6:00 Youth
    7:30 High School

    Toms River Location – 1740 Lakewood Rd. (RT9)

    Monday & Wednesday
    6:30 Tots (Ages 4-7)
    7:30 All Ages

    Fall Registration Forms will be posted this week

    Congratulations 2015 Elite for Life Student/Athlete Scholarship Winners
    Fred Terranova (Augustana), Jackson Memorial
    Paul Piccione (Stevens Institute), St John Vianney
    Joe Santamarco (Lycoming College), Manalapan
    Kyle Brandt (Lycoming College), Lacey

    2015 Elite for Life Scholarship Winners


  • December3rd

    ELITE_sign_v1Multiple Locations for your convenience

    Elite Wrestling is proud to announce the Opening of our Toms River location in partnership with Vin Dellefave & Frankie Edgar. Located in the Carlton Pools Plaza at 1740 Lakewood Rd. Toms River, NJ. Weekly practices are Monday and Wednesday nights 6:30 for Tots (ages 3-6) and 7:30 for grade school and high school ages. Currently a small personal class with great instructors this program was designed for year round training and will be open 12 months per year. Our Headquarters location in  Jackson (The Barn) is also another year round program that meets Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 and 7:30. Full schedules can be found HERE. Our Hamilton and Lincroft locations are seasonal programs that run in Fall and Spring and are currently idle for the winter. We are currently offering several types of memberships. Please use a free trial night to come in and discuss it all.

    All location implement independent training and instruction programs 

    No two locations run exactly the same. We take into consideration the age, experience and skill set of the majority and work from a common ground that ensures positive progress for the wrestler. In all of our programs we start with fundamentals and build from that foundation. We address all wrestling positions as they pertain to Neutral, Top and Bottom providing instruction for offensive and defensive situations.  

    Multiple coaches at all practices, all locations 

    Unlike so many clubs out there, this is not a one man show, nor a two man show. I pride myself on my staff’s experience, knowledge, accomplishments and passion they bring to my rooms. At a minimum, we have 3 instructors per class but more often than not we have 4 to 5 instructors with alumni and special guests stopping in daily.

    steve rivera's elite wrestling njWe mentor, train and teach our wrestlers

    #TrainLikeNoOther #WeBuildChampions #EliteForLife are constant themes in Elite’s social media postings because we do what most others don’t and or are afraid to do so, that is “We Work our Wrestlers”.  Age & Skill set specific, we pride ourselves on creating a program that will challenge each wrestler and give them a sense of satisfaction after each workout. No substitute for hard work, so many struggle with the mental preparation of wrestling because of factor that are controllable, in our program we address those factors. Its hard to not BELIEVE you are getting better or accomplishing something when you work hard at anything so we create a positive themed work-play environment that builds mental strength, self-esteem and technical tough-ass wrestlers.

    It just takes more to be a success 

    Not on a pedestal but speaking the facts. To be the best or to have a moment of greatness it just takes more, I say that from experience of being a State & National Champion, not a runner-up or place winner. I accomplished the ultimate goals at both levels and I can tell you it takes more. I understand everybody’s moment of greatness varies but our goal at Elite Wrestling is to have our wrestlers prepared for that opportunity when greatness calls on or off the mat. That maybe too much for some and I can respect that but for those of us that love training, competing and the challenge wrestling/life brings into our life there is no substitute for Elite Wrestling program.

    Free Trial Nights at all locations

    You don’t have to take my word for it, please come out and give us a try and get your own impression of the Elite Wrestling Program. All wrestlers, any age are welcome to try us out free of charge for a single workout at one of our locations. No appointment necessary, if you like you can fill out Trial From on the right side of this page. Click location you plan on trying.

    Look for the Elite Wrestling ad in J-Town Magazine

    Steve Rivera's Elite Wrestling NJ

  • November20th

    FE Coaches ImageElite Wrestling NJ is a family and I know many of you are big supporters of my students, I am posting pictures and updates from this weekends UFC Fight Night on FoxSports1. THIS IS A FREE BROADCAST (Check your local listings for details)

    Main Event: Frank Edgar vs Cub Swanson
    Co-Main Event: Edson Barbosa vs Bobby Green

    This is where you can stay on top of everything #IronArmy

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  • October27th

    ELITE_sign_v1Here we go again! Its been a great summer and fall season of training and competing, now heading into the school season we are excited to see what the preparation of hard work has done for your progress. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced wrestler, Elite Wrestling has a program designed for you. Starting with Ages 3+ we can provide an environment that is conducive to learning one of the greatest and oldest sports to still be competing and evolving.

    Sacrifice, Discipline, Hard Work, Pride, Family are all values that are re-enforced in our process of building champions. Directed by State and National Champion Steve Rivera, Elite Wrestling has been proving it for decades, from UFC World Champion Frankie Edgar, to NJ first undefeated HS wrestler Scott Winston, to TCNJ latest National Champion Mike Denver , USAW-NJ Youth State Champions, Elite Wrestling proves it on many levels.

    With proven wrestler coaches Steve Rivera, Vin Dellefave, Matt Pletcher, Fred Pontoriero and Frankie Edgar ELite has spared no expense to ensure your wrestler will get the attention and guidance you would hope for. Open 12 months a year, we are currently running three locations: Jackson, Hamilton, Toms River. Both Jackson and Toms River are open all year and meet two times per week on opposite days, Tuesday/Thursday & Monday/Wednesday so you can do more if your wrestler is looking for that. Toms River is currently hosting our first TOT class (3-6 yrs old) and that has proven to be a great addition to our other programs. Hamilton runs for designated weeks in the Fall and in Spring. Current session runs to December. You can find our scheduletuition and other information at links listed above. You can contact Steve@EliteWrestling.net via email for quickest response.