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  • April9th

    Elite FB profile image Steve Knapp is a longtime Elite Wrestler out of Lacey Twp. now in college at Stockton he is working on his writing talents and adding to our web content. 

     The World’s Toughest Sport Is Taking On The World’s Toughest Opponent

    Pin Cancer is a rapidly growing campaign spreading throughout the country raising money to take down a terrible disease spreading throughout people’s bodies. his non-profit organization donates all of its proceeds to research centers all over the country for various types of cancer. They also offer scholarship opportunities for wrestlers directly affected by cancer.

    Pin Cancer was started in 2011 by former New Jersey wrestler Dan Tramontozzi. He started this foundation in honor of his mother who is still battling cancer today. He wanted to help raise awareness and “unite the toughest sport in the world to help bring down the toughest opponent.”

    Pin Cancer’s mission is to rally together the US wrestling community to help fight against cancer. Their vision is to become how every level of the wrestling community can fight cancer and raise awareness together.

    Visit Pincancer.org to see the countless ways anyone can get involved. They encourage all wrestlers, teams, clubs, parents, fans and businesses to get involved. You can donate, make a pledge, become a sponsor or purchase Pin Cancer gear in which all proceeds go to research. Also take time to read the inspiring stories of the countless battles people in the wrestling community are fighting against cancer. You can even inspire others with your own. Together with Pin Cancer we can all make a difference in someone’s life through the sport we love and give them the opportunity to watch their kids and grandkids take the mat. 

  • March17th

    2014 NJSIAA Boardwalk HallTHE ULTIMATE GOALS ARE STATE TITLES. The Plan, The Grind, The Build Up, The True Test.

    All the years work comes down to these two events. Two weeks of State Championships, Week One in Atlantic City for NJSIAA High School States (Picture to Left) and then another weekend in Trenton for USAW-NJ Youth States (Pictured Below). The wrestling year is always long and hard on the body & mind at any and all levels. Somehow the strong survive and on these weekends the best battle for wrestling supremacy of the great state of New Jersey. Both weekends we saw Elite Wrestlers earn their way to the podium and prove that ELITE WRESTLING ALLOWS YOU TO BELIEVE IN YOUR PREPARATION & PERFORM. 

    2014 USAW-NJ Sun Arena Trenton SMALL

    CONGRATULATIONS to All the Elite Wrestling High School District, Region, State Place Winners. Also Elite Wrestling Youth State Champions and Place Winners. And finally Rich Santoli and your USAW-NJ Support Team. To the left is the picture of the Youth State Championships that was held in the Sun Arena in Trenton over the past weekend. The event was a drastic improvements from years past and we look forward to the next 4 years of the 5 year lease. The experience for the Parents, Kids and Coaches was that of a high level wrestling event that most of us are familiar with and that alone was a great experience for all.

    2014 NJSIAA 106 5-6 match smallA GREAT YEAR OF WRESTLING. For all of us its been a year of improvements. In that journey I know you all have highlights that illustrate your progress and success. I hope you can continue to seek that greatness and stay motivated to do the work. Many want to be great but only some want to do the work.

    For me, I have been wrestling and training wrestlers for a long time, always willing to do the work. This year I had many new, exciting elements that made the year special to me on many levels. To name a few, finally back in the Barn, End of an Era with the Bethea’s, Coaching in the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter, Frankie Edgar wrestling in Grapple in the Garden, My son, Sebastian placing in the NJSIAA State Tournament are just some of the highlights that put new excitement in my year long adventure of wrestling. Grateful for all of them and Thank you for the continued support to do what I love to do, BUILD CHAMPIONS.

    THANK YOU I am very proud and appreciative of my Elite Wrestling Staff: Matt, Blaine, Freddy and Danny. Your commitment to Me, Elite Wrestling, the kids and wrestling makes a difference. I appreciate your efforts and I hope you see the impact you are having on these wrestlers cause I see the impact you are having in my programs. Keep it up, As you know, More to Do and I cant to it without you guys and the new guys coming on board. #EliteForLife

  • March3rd

    Elite FB profile image Below is the first article from Steve Knapp who is one of my Elite Wrestling Alumni from Lacey. Talking to him over the weekend at Regions he stated an interest in writing and that he has written several article for his college website so we are happy to support his writing ventures.  Enjoy!

    The Wrestling Life Cycle

    Wrestling is truly a sport like no other. It requires a different type of person to devout the time and make the sacrifices that are needed to succeed and excel. But at the end of your wrestling career you are left with more than just a list of wins and losses and a room of medals, trophies and brackets.

    Youth wrestlers grow up learning a little more each year. After learning the basics and fundamentals you continuously gain knowledge on the ins and outs of a sport that even the most advance wrestlers don’t know everything about. You come to find there is always someone who can teach you something whether it’s a coach, other wrestlers or a former one. You start to see you can learn a lot from the older wrestlers in your room, especially in the clubs. They can relate to you when showing you technique. But where you learn the most is by watching them. Growing up in a wrestling room you don’t just learn more moves but you learn the work you need to put in and how to do it. You learn that the extra sprint at the end of practice means getting the overtime take down. This work ethic leaves an impact on every younger competitor in the room.

    When you finally make your way into the high school room your freshman year you start with a blank canvas that you have four years to paint the best picture you can. You start to see the best wrestlers don’t just put in work three months a year during the hours of a scheduled practice. Fourteen to nineteen year old kids are willing to suck weight, go through hell in practice, head to there club practice after that and then go for a run after that if needed.

    The mystery to those outside of the wrestling community is why would anyone put so much time and sacrifice into a sport with such little material pay off in the end? After all you can’t become a professional wrestler and make millions of dollars. Some fortunate young studs will get a free college education out of it. But what the dedicated wrestlers really take away from the sport is a life long love of the sport. This lifetime appreciation comes from unforgettable memories of wrestling in front of huge crowds on the big stage after all the hours of work you put in when no one was watching. It is an incomparable satisfaction to realize you have become the hero you idolized just a few years ago. It is the best lesson in dedication and commitment you can get. On top of that when your competitive days are over you cross the line into the wrestling fan club where you are joined by some of your best friends you have met from all over the state that share the same love and appreciation for the sport because you have the mutual respect that you lived the same exhausting lifestyle. In almost any wrestling room you can find alumni back to roll around and help groom the new products of the system in the programs they came up through. Wrestling is a one on one sport that is bigger then any one individual but will make anyone individual a bigger person.

  • February24th

    DownloadApp Another reason to download the Elite Wrestling  app. We have recently created a partnership with WrestlingMindset.com and have fresh Mindset content every Monday.

    The way I see it, you can look at nervousness one of two ways.

    1- Nervousness means I am under pressure, afraid, shaky, etc.

    2- Nervousness means I am spirited, full of adrenaline, human, focused, etc.

    Great wrestlers and competitors perceive nervousness as the latter. They look at it from a positive light, as something that makes them stronger, faster, and sharper.

    This past fall we asked a bunch of top wrestlers and coaches about their Mental Edge when they competed. All American Darren Schulman said his Mental Edge is that he knew he would wrestle his best in matches/tournaments because he had extra adrenaline. Cael Sanderson said that he and other great wrestlers looked at pre-match nervousness as being spirited and ready to go.

    We all feel some nervousness before a match. Heroes and cowards have the same feelings/emotions. They simply perceive them and act differently. Both the hero and the coward feel nervous as they contemplate running into a burning building. The coward likely perceives the nervousness as fear and doesn’t approach the building. The hero may perceive these nerves as adrenaline or simply normal BUT acts anyway and runs in.

    The bottom line- you have a choice. Perceive the nervousness as pressure and fear OR perceive the nervousness as being human, spirited and full of adrenaline. The choice is yours!

    In Partnership with www.WrestlingMindset.com

  • February18th

    Elite FB profile image It’s Simple. Don’t Think, Just Compete & Wrestle.

    I always feel like I have been blessed with great wrestling coaches who had a rare competitive mentality that instilled an toughness and a will to win that isn’t found in everyday coaches. Made it simple to just wrestle.

    From my early recreation years in Manalapan with Mr. Finley into middle school wrestling with Mr. Tave and Mr. Arbiteman, Denny D’Andrea, High School with Bill Terrel and Arnie Liftland then College at NC State Bob Guzzo, Greg Fatul and finally TCNJ Dave Icenhower and Bob Glaberman. Its these coaches along with my parents that nourished my competitive spirit and gave me the confidence to act on it. Like the coaches I listed above I try to instill that same competitive spirit and confidence in all my wrestlers.

    “Just Wrestle” … A simple concept to many but not so simple for others. “Just Wrestle!!!” It is that easy, or can be. Obviously the preparation is not an option, its a must. In the Elite Wrestling System we develop a strong, positive mindset through a result of the program workset. Its all about the preparation. Winning State and National titles I can tell you it takes “More” to stand on top. If you ever partake in a training session at Elite Wrestling you know you are doing the “More”. It’s this  proven, tough and productive preparation that your wrestler can count on.

    With this type of preparation behind you embracing the moment you have been working for, not fearing for, is easy. The excitement for the opportunity to perform should have the adrenaline flowing and your recent blood and sweat should give you the confidence to compete looking to dominate. BELIEVE IN YOUR PREPARATION and Just Wrestle!