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  • September29th


    Flips Elite Headphones

    Elite Wrestling Custom Headphones by Flips

    24 ordered, 21 sold, 3 Remain

    FlipsWrestling custom “Elite Wrestling” wrapped headphones. Hi-Def Sound – Amplified Speakers – Supercharged sound provided by a powerful lithium ion battery – Custom vented ear cups and plush memory foam padding on every contact surface – Light and compact design, folds neatly into a protective case, take them anywhere, anytime!


    Be sure to reserve your pair by emailing steve@elitewrestling.net, talking to Melissa at practice

  • September4th

    Excel ELITE WRESTLING SMALL Its that time of the year again. You know the time when the days start getting shorter, the morning are crisp and cool, the smell of sweaty clothes lingers in your washing room. Thats right its time to start pumping it up again. Elite Wrestling is back in full force ready to aid in your preparation to be the best you can be.

    Now of legal status at 21 years, Elite Wrestling NJ has proven to be a factory for hard working athletes looking to reach their potential on and off the mat. I pride my program on Preparing to Believe and as a result Believing In Our Preparation. This combination is the groundwork for a fundamentally strong wrestling athlete and eventually a man. I understand winning means alot. However, some more than others but at the root of all sports are principles that we hope children can learn on the way. Wrestling, second to none in this category, demands sacrifice, dedication, hard work, pride, time management, accountability and family to mention a few. Elite Wrestling brings you all of this and a love for the game like no other.

    With multiple locations I have rounded up former Elite Wrestlers who have gone through the high school & college ranks, graduated college and now are back helping me grow the Elite Wrestling brand. Ranging from District Champs to State Champs to World Champs my staff is here for your wrestler. Per practice we guarantee atleast 3 coaches that wrestle with your wrestler and guarantee that personal attention you can only hope for at other places. Beginner to advance I want them all to be champions. The more positive wrestling influences we can provide, the better the experience and lifelong friendships that will thrive.

    “Elite – Jackson” or “The Barn” as some know it is open 12 months a year, with two session Fall & Spring which cover the 12 month span. Practices are Tuesday & Thursdays. 6:00 & 7:30pm.

    “Elite – Hamilton” & “Elite – Lincroft” are seasonal programs running in a 3 month interval. Hamilton runs Sept / Oct / Nov 2014, meeting on Monday Nights 6:30 – 8:30pm. Then Lincroft will run April, May, June 2015. Day to be determined.

    Finally, long over due, our return to TR. Starting later this month we will be opening “Elite – Toms River” which like Jackson will be a 12 month a year program with both Fall and Spring Sessions. Practices are Mondays & Wednesdays.

    All locations have FREE TRIAL NIGHTS so please take the time to check us out at any one of the sites listed. If you are interested in multiple site registration please email me at steve@elitewrestling.net


  • August25th

    2014 Maaziah Bethea Elite for Life ScholarshipAs I have mentioned over the years, I have been blessed in many ways through these kids I meet wrestling. In the Bethea Case I had the privilege to get to know three of them pretty well. Canaan, Raamiah and Mazziah. The last of the three Ive trained, Mazz has blossomed in our system and I look forward to his college career.

    All unique in their own way, they all have something that makes you believe they are capable of greatness. Growing up in a large family like they did, in Trenton, home schooled like they were Im sure all has something to do with the final outcome.

    Chosen by donors and advisory board, It is with great honor and respect that I get to announce Maaziah Bethea as our 2014 Elite for Life Trust Scholarship Recipient. A $1000 check will be paid to school identity of their choice. (UPENN Admission, Bookstore, Housing .. ect)

    Maaziah graduated with a 3.583 GPA and a SAT score of 1710 from Trenton Central High School. This Fall he will join his two brothers at UPENN in Phildelphia. All three will be vying for a spot on the UPENN WRESTLING line up at different weights. Its should be real exciting times for the Bethea Family. Im excited to watch!

    This is our second year of the scholarship which is paid directly to admission or student book store based on student need.  A 501(C)(3) non-profit was created to grow wrestling and reward wrestling student/athletes.

  • August25th

    2014 Seaside Heights WrestlingWith short notice, consistent wind and clouds it was still a wrestling success. Thanks to Mike Demarco, Bill Ashnault and Seaside Heights Lifeguard Crew for hosting “King of the Beach”. We hope this will become an annual wrestling event on the sand of the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights. This past weekend wrestlers of all ages were welcome to participate on the sand and they did. I saw youngsters to old men giving it a go. Some doing better than others but all having fun. Objective was to be the first to 10 or be winning at the end of 3 minute period.

    There were some known names and new comers trying to make their claim of King of the  photo 1Beach. At the end most got 3 to 5 matches with short delays between that made for some good lung pushing grappling.

    With wrestling known to be such a grind to many its nice to see events like this that move the event into a not so common environment, put a twist on scoring and periods it to make it interesting and let the wrestlers take care of the entertainment.

    With background music pumping all day from FrankieP Dead Serious Productions you know the crowd was jamming and making the most of the strong energetic vibe. Be sure to keep an eye out for this event next summer. #KeepWrestling #KeepItFun #LeaveTheGrindBehind


  • August12th

    Frankie Edgar and BJ PennJuly 6th 2014. After all these years of traveling to Sin City for Frankie’s UFC career it has created a comfort when we arrive for fight week. The team vibe felt similar to the last time Frankie had toed up with BJ, Confident with Respect. We all knew Frankie was and is better than BJ, Personally I was confident Frankie would finish him as he did. Three rounds, dominated by Frankie is what we saw and that secured him another title run. At this point Frankie and management are trying to secure a fight with highly regarded Cub Swanson which with a win will give Frankie another shot at Aldo or Mendez  for the title.

    slider1_aI have been in Frankie’s corner for over 20 years at this point. I have watched him compete as a boy, teenager, college student and now a professional athlete. At no time have I ever seen a quit or hesitation to chase greatness.

    So many overlook the years of hard work that has gone into becoming a champion at any level. “Embracing the Grind” in recent years has turned into a catch phrase but for many of us its a lifestyle.

    The “Embrace” is proven in that time of year that no one is paying attention to you or your goals. Its at these times that true champions find their motivation within their own need for greatness. Thats Embracing the Grind! Its not a cocky thing but is an accomplishment thing that is confirmed we you stand above the rest. There’s nothing wrong with wanting for the best as long as you are willing to put in the work to be the best.

    slider1aIn addition to Frankie’s 5-Round Fight with BJ, there was the Team competition between Team Edgar & Team Penn that aired on Fox Sport 1 for months leading up to the finale. The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 featured many great fights and many boring ones but it was a blast to be in Vegas for a month and work with all these young athletes with big dreams of being the Ultimate Fighter. Starting quick Team BJ took a slight lead in the beginning of competition then Team Edgar kicked in and dominated finishing with 4 of 4 finalists. In 19 seasons it is the first time that has happened. Congratulations to Team Edgar Ultimate Fighters (205) Cory Anderson and (185) Eddie Gordon.