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04/20/11 2011 HS State Qualifier Dinner

Its time, Winston, Keller, Bethea, Lanno, Ruggierrio, Wolf, Staub, Nolan, C.Zak, N.Zak, D.Hamann, B.Hamman, A.Marr. I’ll be in touch.

04/18/11 Elite 2011 Spring Party

is just starting to come together. We are looking at early June, just after Frankie’s Memorial Day Fight in Vegas. I am considering a couple options for the event location all around here. I have secured a pool location for a portion of the party and then an outside movie at the Barn on outside Screen if weather permits. I am looking to bring together old and new elite wrestlers and their families so spread the word. All are invited. Any and all assitance is appreciated. Kim Manchio will be helping me with the event. She will be making up flyers that will be passed out at practice. She can be emailed at Kim.Manchio@hmhpub.com

03/09/11 Taken from Rutger’s Daily Targum Newspaper Article regarding Goodales move from HS to College Coaching

… The plan outlined everything needed to make a program successful, and it was a plan that Goodale believed in.

“The hardest part was everything that goes with building a program. And all of that was in that five-point plan,” Goodale said. “As far as the wrestling part goes, that was easy. Wrestling is wrestling is wrestling. If you can teach Doug Withstandley and Scott Winston how to wrestle, you can teach anybody.”

But more important than having a plan he believed in, New Jersey wrestlers needed to believe in Goodale.

Steve Rivera owns Elite Wrestling in Jackson and trained some of the state’s top wrestling talent for more than 15 years after winning a 1992 NCAA Championship.

With contacts and connections throughout the state, Rivera served as one of the driving forces behind Goodale taking over for longtime Rutgers coach John Sacchi.

“Everybody knew that Sacchi was retiring,” Rivera said. “Let’s be honest, if anybody could [turn around Rutgers], it would be Goodale. It was something New Jersey needed. It was almost like everybody sort of pushed him in there together.”

Rivera’s relationship with Goodale goes back to the early ’80s, when both were big-name wrestlers in New Jersey. The two developed a more personal relationship when Goodale coached at Jackson, convincing Rivera he was the right man for the job at Rutgers.

“Scott, given the opportunity to sit down in front of anyone, is able to sell you on anything,” Rivera said. “His passion is pretty obvious, and his track record is hard to argue with. If you’re trying to get something done, I think he’s proven that he could do it. It’s just a matter of how fast.”

With the backing of a reputable figure in New Jersey wrestling, Goodale offered up his five-point plan and was rewarded with an opportunity to put it into action.

11/13/10 JourneyMen Wrestling Clinic w/ F. Edgar
Sebastian Rivera with National, World & Olympic Champ
Cary Kolat – UNC – Chapel Hill Head Coach

Jerry Springer Hold’n Back Steve Rivera, Fred Meabe, Mitch Cowitt,
Mike Kelly, Ethan Waller, Matt Serra, Frank Edgar and Kimbo Slice

We all have people in our lives that strike a similar cord or nerve as I like to see it. DennyD is one of those guys that has been involved in some manner since my early years as a wrestlers in Manalpan, NJ. A motivator in my early years and a great mentor in these later years. I tell him all the time his words of wisdom send chills up my arms and down my spine. This is one that I woke up to after the big win Saturday night. He was kind enough to let me share it with you all.

Dennis D’Andrea August 29… “We tend to revel in the moment of victory and justifiably so. What is always much more significant, in my humble opinion, is how the next brigade is prepared for the future battles. Not all the “Generals” have that special something it takes to make sure that the message is carried on. I have been very impressed with your ability to pass that torch. Guys like you, Goodie and Coach Reid have provided Frankie with a basis of many things that has translated to his success. He has achieved greatness. He did not do it without a great support system. He too will pass the torch.” Congrats!!
Denny D

10/19/10 Bucknell University Wrestling
Thanks to Bucknell Assistant Coach Tom Carr

Wrestling Legend “Dan Gable” Talks Conditioning
I am not reinventing the wheel 😉
There is No Substitution for Preparation



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Elite for Life!Winter Break 2009-10…
Thanks for stopping in, great to see you guys. Scott Winston (Rutgers), Matt Oliver(Newberry), Vin Dellefave (Rutgers), James Beshada(USMMA), Matt Frank (Texas A&M), Josh Baker(URI), Blaine Woszcak (Ithaca), Josh Baker (RIU)

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PBA168 & Elite Wrestling’s

UFC’s Matt Serra, Frank Edgar, Kimbo Slice
PBA’s Mitch Cowitt, Fred Meabe, Mike Kelly
and Elite Wrestling’s Steve Rivera

Congrats Frankie

Nominated for the ESPY Awards “BEST UPSET”. Although it was a good run Frankie’s fight lost to North Iowa’s Upset over Michigan. Still a great accomplishment for his hard work

All Day Event
Grappling Tourn
Meet & Greet
MMA Fights



Elite Wrestling & GTP “MMA MAYHEM””
Mercer County Press Release

(PRESS RELEASE) — Get ready NJ fight fans! Don’t miss your opportunity to join in on an exciting day devoted to MMA. The fastest growing sport around will be making its way to Six Flags Great Adventure on Saturday, June 19th. The Jackson Township PBA168 and Elite Wrestling NJ (www.EliteWrestling.net

) have combined their efforts to bring you this historical event, loaded with non-stop action and excitement.
MMA Mayhem at Six Flags will be a full day of MMA related events starting with a No-Gi grappling tournament in the morning (which will run until 2pm) and topped off that night by an outstanding lineup of professional MMA fights inside a Hexagon cage! Just some of the matchups scheduled to take place on the card are ROC Champion Chris Liguori vs. Rob Conner, TUF alums Dante Rivera vs Dan Cramer, Adam Fearon vs Justin Herbst, and Jose Rodriguez will be fighting as well. You won’t want to miss this explosive showcase of talent. In between all of the action will be a special meet and greet for M&G ticket holders, where they will have an opportunity to meet and chat with MMA superstars such as current Lightweight Champion Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, former World Champion Matt “The Terror” Serra, and Internet phenom Kimbo Slice!

Elite Wrestling NJ has now opened its’ second facility in Hamilton located at the Game Time Performance Wrestling Center on Tennis Court next to Ice land. Steve Rivera has partnered with Game Time Performance to bring the best of both worlds to Mercer County: Steve Rivera’s expertise and instruction and Game Time Performances’ proven training systems are a winning combination to bring your game to the next level. Come join the staff of Elite Wrestling and Game Time Performance this Saturday as we kick off the opening of Mercer Counties only dedicated wrestling facility at Six Flags.

Tickets can only be purchased on-line. The VIP tickets are $125, which is a great value for all you get with it. Or you can purchase individual event tickets as well. You can purchase your tickets at www.sixflags.com/greatAdventure/index.aspx Enter “MMA” in the small promo box at the very top/right of the page. If you wish to register for the grappling tournament, that can be done at www.elitewrestling.net



Any questions regarding this event, please send an email to mmamayhem@hotmail.com.
This event is a fundraiser and is open to all so bring your family and friends and enjoy the excitement that is Mixed Martial Arts! Kick off your Summer the right way




Expansion, Confidence, and Success Grows at Elite Wrestling

For the past decade, Elite Wrestling Club has established itself as New Jersey’s premier wrestling training program. Founded by former NJ State and NCAA champion Steve Rivera, Elite Wrestling is built on a foundation of attitude, preparation, focus, and relentless execution.  With recent expansion across the central region of New Jersey along with a partnership with Chris Liguori BJJ (a Gracie Affiliate) adding Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Elite is quickly becoming a household name in the Tri State Areas wrestling and combat sports scene. With the consistent success of his wrestlers on the youth, high school, and collegiate level along with UFC fighter Frankie “The Answer” Edgar’s  recent acclimation of the UFC Lightweight World Championship, it is hard to deny Steve Rivera’s ability to produce champions.

Still, he feels there is always room to expand and improve. “If you are ever satisfied with your level of success, than you need to re- evaluate your goals and make adjustments. You should always be striving for better,” says Rivera. “I’m all about my guys putting in the time and reaping the benefits out on the mat, or in Frankie’s case, the cage, but I always want them improving and challenging their potential. With Frankie winning the title and our wrestlers performing consistently at such a high level, there is expectations that we all carry to represent Elite.” 

Rivera started Elite Wrestling after branching off from TRWC, or Toms River Wrestling Club. Elite Wrestling was originally held in the Barn, a long, matted pole barn in Rivera’s backyard. Following variance  delays in 2008, Rivera relocated to 56 Progress Place Jackson NJ within Jackson Baseball/Softball (Exit 21 off RT195) and has made his wrestling home there ever since. “There is no place like the Barn, but I’m extremely pleased with the feedback regarding the move. We have a great facility here and lots of opportunities for cross training, along with a full weight room. So on the whole this is working fine.”  

Though that may be true, Rivera is planning more growth with Elite, as he will soon be unveiling a second location in Hamilton Township, hoping to attract more West Jersey wrestlers and giving them a geographically close resource to improve their wrestling technique and training. “As we grow as a club, we have a lot of guys traveling considerable distances to train”, says Rivera. “I started out predominantly training shore guys, but now I’m seeing more from all over the state. Hopefully this second location will open me to a new market of wrestlers looking to be the best.”

As if this expansion wasn’t enough, Rivera has also made the jump into the world of grappling and submission wrestling by bringing in Gracie Affiliate Chris Liguori BJJ. CLBJJ offers grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes taught by seasoned MMA and UFC Veteran Chris Ligouri. “This opportunity with Chris is great”, says Rivera. “With the popularity of the UFC & MMA, submission wrestling is growing in this country, these classes give my wrestlers a chance to cross-train in a similar discipline and allow newcomers to get involved with the current trend of fitness.”

The opening of Chris Liguori BJJ is the prelude to “MMA Mayhem“, an all out Mixed Martial Arts Festival Fund- Raiser presented by Rivera’s Elite Wrestling & Jackson PBA168, to be held in Six Flags Great Adventure on June 19th. The event will consist of a grappling tournament, a meet and great with UFC fighters Frankie Edgar, Matt Serra and MMA Superstar Kimbo Slice, and a MMA fight card that night showcasing local up-and-coming fighters will be the climax of what looks to be an amazing event. “I’m extremely excited about MMA Mayhem”, says Rivera. “This is a chance to bring wrestling & mixed martial art fans together and see a great day of MMA and grappling, ultimately benefiting the PBA168 fund raiser.”

One would think Rivera would grow tired with all his endeavors, yet he manages to keep up his frenetic pace and be the same coach he has been for years. “Steves’ one of a kind”, says Doug Hamann, a standout NJ wrestler and longtime Elite member. “He’s got an energy that gets under your skin and makes you work harder. Its infectious.” Brandon Keller, who recently won his region and took 7th in the state, sees a unique quality in Rivera’s coaching that he feels is key to his growth as a wrestler. “I’m new to Elite, but I really cant see myself anywhere else”, says the Timber Creek freshman. “Steve gives us what we need to get to the next level, and on top of that he’s a great friend. You can talk to him, text him whenever, and look to him for help on and off the mat. There’s a family atmosphere at Elite that’s hard to find.”

The wave of excitement Steve Rivera is bringing to local wrestling and grappling is rapidly growing, and he claims it’s not the end. I’m always finding ways to expand public awareness of wrestlers, the good people they are and what they can accomplish as a unified group. “In the end it’s about the roots of what I do. I’m here to build wrestling champions, and I feel that my expansion is key to that process.” New Jersey is a national hotbed for wrestling where Elite stands above all, and Steve Rivera is looking to continue growing the Elite Wrestling Brand and building more champions along the way.

Thanks to Royce & Ryan
Ryan Morningstar&Royce Alger

02/04/10 Tri-Town News Article
Jackson Youth Wrestlers Continue Strong Showing

02/05/10 Current Star LedgerState HS Rankings
103 – #2 Brian Hamann
125 – #3 Bob Lanno
130 – #6 Bj Young
152 – #5 Doug Hamann
160 – #5 Dallas Winston
171 – #6 Canaan Bethea

College Result
UNC: Nick Tenpenny NCAA D1
11/14/09 ACC Challenge 2-0
Finished 5th at VT Open
Vin Dellefave NCAA D1
NAT Rank 27th 12/08/09
11/14/09 Brockport Oklahoma Gold
Won at Sacred Heart Dual
Derek Russell NCAA D1
11/14/09 ACC Challenge
Mc Daniels: Mike Tancredi NCAA D3
3-2 in Season opening Tournament
Matt Oliver 10-1, Rank 3rd NCAA D2
11/13/09 UNC Pembroke Tourn 1st
Finished 2nd at VT Open
Brian & Dave Newman on team
BJ Young commits to Newberry for 2010
Blaine Wosczcak NAT Rank 1st NCAA D3
11/13/09 Reese Duals 2-0
Won the Ithaca Open
TCNJ: Brian Broderick NCAA D3
11/14/09 Fall Brawl
Mike Denver in line-up too

2010 Pre-Season Ranks
Manchester HS: Jim Lawson Rank 1st USAW
Jackson HS: Doug Hamann Rank 20th WUSA
Jackson HS: BJ Young Rank HM WUSA
Timber Creek: Brandon Keller Rank 29th WUSA

01/12/10 UFC Pres. Dana White Announces Frank Edgar
will fight for the UFC Lightweight World Title
BJ Benn in Abu Dhabi 

2009/2010 Week #7 MatGuard “Wrestler of the Week”
Elite Wrestling Nominees
Vote Here

BJ Young – Jackson Memorial

Young was dominant in the SCT registering a pin, two techs, and a major.  His big week didn’t stop there as he knocked off Elmwood Park’s Vinnie Fava (3rd in the state in 2009) 5-4 at the All-Star Invitational.
Chris Zak – Jackson Liberty
Liberty’s Zak was a buzzsaw in Week 7 going 4-0 with four pins (three of them coming in the 1st period).  His lone 2nd period pin came against Middletown South’s Alex Schulmann who was ranked one slot higher than him in the Region Rankings.



2009/2010 Week #5 Elite Nominees

Brian Hamann  –  Jackson Memorial

After a pair of pins to start the week, including one in 34 seconds, the freshman came up with the most impressive win of his young career with a 5-0 shutout over TR North’s senior Kyle McNulty, a 2-time Region 6 medal winner.  Hamann is now 11-4 on the year wrestling at 103 for the Jags.
Bubba Lanno  –  Southern
Lanno hit for the cycle with a decision, a major, a tech, and a pin to make up his 4-0 week.  After opening Week 6 with a pin against TR North, Lanno recorded a major decision in the Rams dual against Howell. On Saturday, after putting up a tech against Indian Hills, Lanno knocked off State qualifier, and 2010 All-Star Invitational participant, Connor Melde of Bergen Catholic, 7-4.  Lanno is now 20-3 on the season.
Dallas Winston  –  Jackson Memorial
A statement week for Winston, who established himself as a clear contender for a trip to AC in the 160-pound weight class.  Winston opened his week by earning a 3-2 overtime decision againsy TR East’s Anthony Sherman, the 3rd place finisher in the Region at 160 last season.  After a 1st period pin against Lacey on Friday, Winston picked up another big win when he defeated TR North’s Ken Dougherty, 5-0, who entered the day with a 16-1 record.  Winston’s three wins keeps his perfect start going as he is now 11-0 this season.



01/09/10 Shore Conference Showdown
Jackson Memorial vs Brick Memorial
Congrats to Elite’s Dallas Winston, Doug Hamann,
Brian Hamann, BJ Young, Spencer Young
All Score Major Decisions or better for bonus
team points to help the Jags secure the win

Team Edgar: Chris Liguori, Steve Rivera, Mark Henry,
Frank Edgar, Ricardo Almeida (Not Pictured)

Week #4 Winner Elite’s Andrew Marr (Wall)
Week #5 Poll
3 Elite Wrestlers nominated

Jalen Ramos – Central Regional

The Golden Eagle sophomore continued his torrid start to the season bywinning all four of his matches in week, highlighted by a 7-4 victory of Bergen Catholic’s Tom Casper (Region 2 runner-up in 2009).  Ramos is now 14-1 with 9 pins.
Spencer Young – Jackson Memorial
One of several Jags that came up with a clutch performance in Saturday’s 34-20 victory over South Plainfield.  Young’s contribution to the Jags’ win was a 6-5 decision over the Tigers’ Tyler Hunt, the Region 3 champion a year ago.  The frosh added pins against Perth Amboy and TR South to lift his record to 11-2 on the season.



Tim Duffy – St. John Vianney
Since dropping his first three matches of the year, the freshman has reeled off 8 wins in a row.  On Saturday, it was his decision over Mendham’s Jimmy Walker that gave the Lancers the win and a clean sweep of their opponents at the NHSCA National Duals.

01/10/10 Congrats to Josh Baker (Pictured),
Matt Dosk & Juston Georgiano
All three won their division in Philadelpia Grappling Tourn.


01/07/10 Hamilton wins on Bethea’s night
TRENTON — There actually ended up being two story lines at last night’s Trenton-Hamilton wrestling match. The first was this was the night for Trenton’s Canaan Bethea to reach the 100-win plateau… Read More

Frankie Highlighted in “Under Pressure” by Matt Beardmor


JULY 25th 2009 Elite Summer Party at Champions Training Center
Hope you enjoyed your yourself, See pictures & videos

Video Coverage and Interviews

Below is an email from a Region 6 Coach that attended the Hall of Fame Banquet. I have admired this coach since I was a kid. Receiving it from him elevated the impact and his Words of Wisdom always strike a cord with me.
“Hey Steve, Just a quick note to let you know how some of our newest Hall of Famers spoke of you last night.  Mike Gaeta and Vinny Salek made it a point to single you out as such an influence in not only their wrestling but their growth as a person.  Not everyone has that special “gift” that you have.  All those hours and sweat cannot be measured in wins and losses.  After all the banner and display is long gone, the measure of a man’s life is his pursuit of excellence and his impact on those who follow in his footsteps.”  Take care my friend



05/24/09 UFC98MGM GRAND, LAS VEGAS, NV Co-Main Event Frankie “The Answer” Edgar vs Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk, Evans vs Machida and more. Fight Card and more information at Sherdog

Former World Champion Sean Sherk
Unaminous Decision 30-27


Frank Edgar UFC Undisputed Video Game

05/18/09 Frank “The Answer” Edgar Highlighted on UFC.com
Here’s a couple links for UFC98 Interviews & Videos

Star Ledger
, MMAMania, Sherdog Radio
Google Frankie Edgar or Frank Edgar for more

05/23/09 UFC 98 PPV

Frank “The Answer” Edgar vs
“Muscle Shark” Sherk

Spring 2009 Dellefave Headed to Piscataway
Vinnie Dellefave informed InterMat that he plans to attend Rutgers next fall. Dellefave, from Toms River East High School in New Jersey, is ranked 48th in the InterMat Top 100.

Scott Winston recently trained in Colorado Springs, CO as part of the Olympic Wrestling Training Center furure prospect

Thanks for the help Frankie & Scott. Its always great to have you both in the room. UFC Fighter, Rutgers Assistant Coach, Frank Edgar and Div 1 Nationally Ranked, Rutger’s Scott Winston. ELITE FOR LIFE

04/04/09 Congratulations Region 6 Hall of Fame Inductees
Former Elite Wrestlers
Vinnie Salek – Toms River East
Mike Gaeta – Manalapan

03/11/09 Elite Wrestling State Qualifiers Dinnerat Tiffany’s Toms River, NJ. I enjoyed the time with you tonight and throughout your careers. To my seniors, Good Luck in all you do. My underclassmen, Lets get back at it, we have unfinished business to tend to. Top Left to Right: Tancredi (8th), Newman, Broderick (3rd), Sternlieb, McNulty, Morano, Kau. Bottom Left to Right: Lawson (1st), Molzon (4th), Russell (6th), Me, Accardi, Dellefave (1st). Seidenberg (3rd) could not attend due to Raritan HS Awards Ceremony.

2009 Shore Conference HS Wrestler of the Week. 4 out of 7 weeks, Elite Wrestlers. 7 out of 7 Elite Wrestlers ominated. Hard work pays off proven in the voted winners

Week 1: Cody Mooney
Week 2: Paul Saraiva
Week 3: Steve Santos
Week 4: Brian Broderick

Week 5: BJ Young
Week 6: Dan Seidenberg

Week 7: Tom O’Connor

Check out Rider University Wrestling Spotlight on FloWrestling

Jay Nase named Rider University Assistant Coach. Read Bronc’s Blog

01/28/09 Congratulations Derek Russell A four year Starter for the Jags, Derek reach his 100 Win milestone last night against Point Boro. Derek is a proven winner on the mat and in the classroom. We’re proud of you kid. Bucknell is fortunate to have such a promising incoming froshman.

01/11/09 No. 2 Newberry defeated by No. 1 Nebraska-Omaha. Three Newberry wrestlers finished the tournament undefeated; Matt Oliver, Keeno Griffin and Cy Wainwright

01/12/09 WRESTLING: Cael Sanderson’s Monday press conference transcript At all levels the attitude to compete is a mental battle, this article illustrates a coaches frustration that I am happy to say I do not experience with you guys as a whole. Cael Says… Fight! That’s all I talk about, even in press conferences and when I’m talking. That’s all I expect out of these guys. That’s all I talk to them about is fight, fight, fight. Fight for every point; you get in on a leg, fight for your takedown. You know, fight to get your tie-up. Fight to wrestle where you want to wrestle. Fight. That’s what life is all about is fighting … READ MORE

01/10/09 Congratulations Frankie & Rene on the delivery of FRANCESCO ANNESSE EDGAR (with a name like this he’ll have to be a tough guy 🙂 BORN SATURDAY. They are all home & healthy.

01/12/09 LACEY RESULTS Thanks to Shane Campana and the rest of the Lacey Crew for a well run tournament. Congrats to all my Elite Medal Winners (Which there are many of you). I was really happy with the performances I witnessed yesterday, I know we can wrestle better bt the progress is showing, the techniques is getting sharper and our mental preparation made a difference in many matches throughout the day. And to our family effect. Its Strong and noticable, thanks for that. On another note… Matt Apuzzi placed 1st place in both the Kingsway tournament 12/27 at 105 lbs and the Delsea tournament 1/4 at 108lbs.

01/15/09 Reviewing High School Wrestlers As I make my rounds to watch live action of my Elite Wrestlers I can say a couple things. Some good, Some bad, All true. The Good. We are in good shape for the most part, some of you could defintely do better if your were in better shape. We pride ourselve on being the aggressive, physical type. Most are aggressive but many are not capitalizing on all the opportunities presented by our hand fighting and motion. Most of you are using setups, thats a good thing, all of you could believe in your setups more. Predicting reactions to your setups is important but attacking accordingly is must. Front head is an offensive position, too many looking for stalemates. Work to score from there, staying still wont do it. Shots could be more calculated, I see many shots from too far away, if you cant touch him, you shouldnt go! Close the gap then go. On Top, we look tough, no one is just letting opponents out. Riding to score is what i see for the most part, good for you guys, your confidence is growing. It will pay dividends in the post season. Finally on bottom, we’re doing ok, I say ok, not because we get turned but because some of you are still struggling to get out of legs. You have to address legs as a single problem while you take care of the rest that needs to be done. You can not just lay there. There should be constant knee to foot fighting and attempts to base up and mule kick, if not that, hipping opponent down and working position to a crab ride where you should have many skills to attempt for escape. If you work the techniques mentioned the better guy may still hold you but the rest will be on bottom in no time. ! COMPETE IN ALL POSITIONS, YOU PREPARE TO BE THE BEST, BELIEVE & WRESTLE ACCORDINGLY. We have 2 months to address these concerns. Stay focused & get to practice

TheShoreConference.com Great site for updated stats, team lineups, accomplishments and rankings. Found this tidbit on the Manalapan page. I talk about preparation all the time. Here’s my run at the state title my senior year. I was prepared for the opportunity. 44 points scored, not including points scored prior to pin in final, gave 6 away. Be prepared for your moment! Steve Rivera 1987 NJSIAA Championships Prelims vs. Nelson Cruz (Fort Lee) won by major 10-0. Quarterfinals vs. Bob Aceto (Highland) won by tech fall  17-2. Semifinals vs. Dorian Ritchie (Morristown) won by major 17-4. Finals vs. Rob Hoelke (Washington Twp) won by fall 3:24 Goal+ Accomplished: State Champ & Tournament OW

Elite Wrestling Assistant Coach Frank Edgar. MTV True Life Update: The Fight Continues For MTV’s Mixed Martial Artists. Watch Frankie’s interview on the “SIRIUS Fight Club” radio show leading up to his UFC fight

“I’m a MMA Fighter”

Dec 2008 Rutger’s Claims another Elite Wrestler Dan Seidenberg has verbally committed to join the Scarlet Knights Fall 2009. Elite’s DelleFave commits to Rutgers. APP Reports. NJWT Interview with Vin here. Vincent informed InterMat
 Winston, 2x Seidenberg, Dedyne, Dellefave

November 2008 Congratulations to Derek Russell He recently sign his letter of intent to attend the Bisons Fall 2009. Another academic and wrestling success story. Good Job Derek!

Congratulations Derek Russell, Just finished soccer for Jackson Memorial, made varsity after not playing any previous years, Signed with Bucknell University for next fall, was voted JMHS 2008 Homecoming King. Finished with winning record at Super32 tourn with no pre-season wrestling preparation.

Recent News Scott Winston places 3rd at Brockport Duals, Brian Newman signs with Newberry College for 2009, Dave Seidenberg gets the call, Rutgers Starter. Luke Lanno places 3rd at W&J, K. Conklin places 2nd & M. Conklin places 3rd at Bergen Catholic Tourney

In addition to our Custom Machine Sewn Singlets we recently signed partnership with Matman, Brute & Cliff Keen for singlet resale

Congratulations Matt Oliver, Vincent Salek, Scott Winston on earning your starting positions. Matt (125) defeated last years (133) NCAA Qualifier in OT, Vinny smashed his opponent with a first period pin and Scott dominated by 10 points win. Honerable Mention Dave Seidenberg and Sean Dedyne reached Finals but lost tight matches. Both will be back up with plenty of opps.

Elite at Newberry
Newman, Oliver, Salek
Elite at Rutgers
Seidenberg, Winston, Dedyne

BALANCE… Sebastian enjoying the rainy weekend. Motox is a great confidence builder and cross training activity. We make a point to get out this time of year

10/27/08 From the Cray’s This is how the wrestling world always saw him, keeping stats and making sure the score is right. Not just for Brandon but for everyones child that we were involved with.  Its a great loss and we will miss him. Service is going to be held on Saturday Nov 1st from 9am to 11am with funeral to follow.  Location  Kingston-Kemp Funeral Home 260 White Horse Ave. Trenton NJ 08610

Pops keeping it real,
We’ll Miss You
Past on 10/26/08

Congratulations Terrence Davis and the Monmouth Falcons for Qualifying for the POP WARNER Northeast Regionals which is the gateway to the National Championships held at Disney. Good Luck T! Tough Loss Kid, Welcome Back.

10/19/08 Happy Birthday… Vincent Storino 40th Suprise Birthday Party at The Boardwalk Bar & Grill in Pt Pleasant. Thanks for the good time. I’ll be looking to collect royalty checks for the logo infringement 🙂

10/26/08 1st Annual Pee-Wee Football & Manhunt Day at the Barn Thank You to Kim Manchio, Paricia Keeley and the rest of my awesome wrestler parents that made the day a great success. We truly are a family and it so obvious with days like these. Hope you enjoyed it.

10/08/08 Mondays added per fall sport players request. Get an early start on the season. (Conklin getting his QB Sack on)

Matt Frank, “GittyUp” the new cowboy on the campus at Texas A&M… “Yeah we’re out in the country, its pretty good, I got my hat and boots on, I’m loving it”

Blane Wosczcak Named ECWC’s Top Rookie Freshman Blaine Woszczak has been named Empire Collegiate Wrestling Conference (ECWC) Rookie of the Year. “Just got out of practice, things are going well, working hard and keeping real busy”

Dave Seidenberg enjoying Rutgers “Things are good, staying on top of my studies and wrestlings looking good”. “Tell the guys I said “Work Hard, Stay Focused”

Scott Winston Settling in at Rutgers “Things are good, busy schedule, practicing hard”. Show them what you can do. We Believe!!

This is a letter from a Graduated Elite Wrestler, The name of the wrestler is not important, the story is. BOTTOM LINE: Everyone has different goals and thats ok, my role is not to judge your goals but to help you accomplish them.

I can remember my third year wrestling when my record was 4-12 for the year. I would go to all these tournaments and just get my ass kicked day in and day out. Then, the next year came and we were getting a new coach my dad said and I really didn’t think anything of it, because I never thought that I would amount to anything in the sport. He explained you to me and it just went in one ear and out the other. So then football ends and wrestling comes … time for a new coach. I was also in 7 th grade at the time, and my father always told me that when I get into intermediate school all of the kids would look up to because of my wrestling experience. He was partly correct because I did do better at that time. But that wasn’t really what caught my eye. I was really interested in our new wrestling coach because he not only helped me out with wrestling he also like a friend and helped me out with my real life situations. To go along with a great new coach, my record went from 4-12 to 20-10 for the season. A good wrestling year and I told my father that I like our new coach and that he really helped me a lot. He said good because he is gona be with us for a long time. Football now ends again, and another wrestling year is rapidly approaching. I am a little more excited because it is my 8th grade year and I should be the man of the team. I was the captain and my wrestling was improving by the day. Still practicing the Auxiliary Gym with the new coach. Since I was 10 years old, I have been practicing in that gym and every year there are new names that went up on that wall. That was a long term goal that could give me a little inspiration. I figured that I had been in that gym long enough that I had to do something to leave my mark there. That goal was way far away though. 8 th grade year ends, again I do well in school, wrestling, but my record went from 4-12 two years ago, 20-10 the year before, to 32-8. Things were getting better as the years went on. My Freshman year we kind of drifted apart mostly because I was lucky If I made it through my regular practice without passing out because of all of my weight cutting. Freshman year went ok, I made Varsity, placed in Districts and went on to the Quarter Finals of Regions, with a record of 12-17. Sophomore year I jumped up a couple of weight classes, wrestling 125. I did ok again, but nothing great, with a record of 10-11. That summer my father realized that summer wrestlers make winter champions. So he thought about the Edge and spoke to all of us about it. We all agreed that we would rather just stay home in Toms River and have our private lessons with the new coach. So we wrestled all summer in the league and with you at practices, running, and having our good old conversations about our summer and then Frankie and Christy always made it interesting. Junior years comes and I am feeling a little more confident about my wrestling and little more excited for wrestling to come. I wrestle 130 and the beginning of the year goes well. In a tournament that I hadn’t ever placed in, I wind up taking a 2 nd losing to my Elite drill partner Jay Adamo in Finals by one point. That was one thing that stuck in the back of my head. I have a good season and get disappointed at districts. I have someone in the semis that had previous lost to 12-3 , and the match came down to the final whistle, with him stalling his ass off and me losing 5-4. That loss carried to my consolation match, and my heart just wasn’t in it. Then me and Frankie talked and I had promised him that I would win my Districts my Senior year. The summer into senior year was a tough one, it was fun, but it was tough. I had gotten anew job as a laborer for a mason, which was hard enough, then football practice then wrestling 2 nights a week. But I knew it would all pay off later so I stuck with it. I do great in football, then wrestling comes and I am really excited and I had beaten some really good kids in the summer league, Dave Rogers 3X, Mike Moloski, Charlie Wiggins, and some others. Wrestling comes and I am one of the Captains. I am again at 130. Neptune Classic comes and I am 4 th seed. I go the Neptune Classic taking 1st and pinning my way through it. WOW! I am now 4-0 with 4 pins. I go through the year doing quite well and now districts are coming in one month. I would refuse to be denied this time. So the times that we didn’t have practice I was running 4 miles. I get first seed in Districts and wind up winning them one point. Finally my name is on the wall. I couldn’t have been happier. My final record for the year was 23-10. I didn’t do as well as I anticipated in Regions but I was happy. It was a bumpy road but I went from winning 4 matches in a whole year to being a District Champ. I wrote this letter because I felt this is the elast I can do to Thank You. I usually wouldn’t spend this much time on a letter but this something I have been meaning to do. I really appreciate what you have done for me. I wrote so much because I wanted to show you where I started with you and where you brought me. I really look to you as a coach, and as a friend or an older brother type that I could talk to you about anything. Well I guess I wrote enough Ha ha… Thank You, You have really made an impact on my life and I will never forget you.

12/03/07 Mat Rants SPRAWLS..
As I sit on the side of the mats weekend to weekend, I often see the same mistakes through all levels of wrestling. The SPRAWL, as simple as it sounds, not many are executing them properly ultimately costing takedown points. A SPRAWL IS a down and away action that requires full body involvement. Chest on back, burying the opponents head in the process. Adding a crossface in a downward action. A SPRAWL IS NOT a knee to the ground and a cross face lifting his head in the process. Initiate a good action to sprawl, legs straight, on toes, body down away, working to stay square, posting on knees or double overs-hooks, so no angle advantages are exposed until front head position is in your advantage.
Youth Rave…Will to Win
Congratulations to Tim Hamann and Sebastian Rivera for demonstrating the will to win that Elite wrestlers are known for. Sebastian sufferred a first round lost to kid who eventually won the weight class. During the loss he was behind for most of the match but continued to work hard and created a strong opportunity to pin the kid. Unfortuntely he was not able to close the deal and lost that match. After that he came back with 5 straight wins to capture a 3rd place finish. Tim had a similar situation in his quest for third place. Tim was losing in his match 9-2 at one point, working through the adversity Tim kept his poise and will to win and check and put together THE COMEBACK OF THE DAY. Closing the point gap point by point, Tim was able to tie up the score 9-9 in regulation time. Winning in overtime with a takedown. Congratulations to both of you. I am positive you’ve learned something new about yourself. BELIEVE and you will ACHIEVE

NOVEMBER 7, 2007
Fund Raiser Dinner


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Thanks to Rob & Sunkist WC for the great practice
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Fellow teamate of Duey Withstandley at Purdue,
2x NCAA All-American

Best of Luck on your Olympic Dreams
2x National Champ at Univ Minn, 3x NJ State Champ


High School Post-Season Pictures

Elite’s Pineland Wrestlers Article in APP. Beisel, Simek & Lippai show great improvement

Tom Brands & Doug Schwab “Elite Spring Clinic 2006”

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Elite Wrestler Journal

Rising to the Occassion

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October 29
Ring of CombatRESULTS
Asbury Park Convention Center

Elite’s Frank Edgar TKO
Elite’s Jay Coleman


Cooperman’s Alma Mater

Cory Cooperman

College: EIWA Conference Champ, Two-time Div I All-American, finished 4th in 2003 and 3rd in NCAA Div.I Nationals.
High School: 3x Iron Man Champion, 2x Beast of the East Champion, 4x National Prep Champion (Blair), 2nd in Junior Freestyle Nationals, 3rd in Cadet Freestyle Nationals, Ranked 1st in the country as a senior, member of the Dream Team.

Edgar’s Alma Mater

May 2005
Since its initial episode in 1998, MTV’s award-winning True Life documentary series has told remarkable real-life stories of young people. MTV True LIfe will Highlight Cory Cooperman in his quest to make weight for Lehigh University Wrestling competition. NOTE the ELITE APPAREL while watching 🙂

Articles on State Champion Vin Salek

2004 Jersey Shore League Results

Frank Edgar EWL Champion
Senior – Frank Edgar (TRE) Ranked #4 Atalntic Reg. 141lbs – Clarion
Senior – Frank Edgar (TRE) #9 National Division 1 rank
2004-2005 season- 1st West VA Open, 1st East Stroudsburg Classic,
3rd MatTown Classic, 5th Las Vegas Open, 1st PSAC, 1st EWL


Senior – *Matt Hartigan (Manalapan) #24 Atalntic Reg. 157lbs – Wagner
*First wrestler in Wagner history to make ranking list

Senior – Pat Laven (Howell) – 184lbs – TCNJ
This Season – Ithaca College Invitational – 5th, Central Jersey Open 2nd