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  • July20th

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    This order is now closed. Thank you for the Orders.

  • June19th

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    Dates: Monday, July 10th – Friday, July 14th

    Times: 9:00am -1:00pm

    AGES: Kindergarden – 8th Grade

    *Eat Clean Bro Lunch Included

    Monday – Friday we will be hosting the first-ever #BetterEveryday Summer Camp in Jackson where we will focus on Mindset training, Team building. Leadership Skills, Confidence building, Athletic performance, Technical and Live wrestling.

    Instructors will include Steve Rivera, Vin Dellefave, Ryan Lyons, Hayden Hrymack, Dan Seidenberg, Ethan Waller, BJ Young, Marlon Moraes, Frankie Edgar and other surprise guests RU’s Scott Goodale & Anthony Perrotti, Rider’s Chad Walsh and PSU’s Nick Suriano.

    Fire Safety, Police FAQs, Military, Self Defense (Frankie Edgar, Marlon Moraes and others) will be included topics covered by career professionals in those fields.

    We will have an temporary Above-Ground pool ready for play and work too. Adventure Course, Recreational games, Strength & Conditioning

    Fee: $200ea with Eat Clean Bro lunch included
    Sign up with a Partner $175ea

    Camp Fee
    Partners First, Last Name

    Projected schedule looks like this:


    • 9:00-9:30AM Elite Staff Introduction/ Rules & Regulations followed by a morning run through Elite property
    • 9:30-10:15 Wrestling Neutral Offense (Steve, Ryan, Vinnie, Hayden)
    • 10:15-10:45 Pin the King Wrestling Activity
    • 10:45-11:30 Live Wrestling from a Neutral
    • 11:30-12:00 “Eat Clean Bro” lunch
    • 12:00-12:45 Pool & Cardio workout.
    • 12:45-1:00 Pick-up


    • 9:00-9:30 Elite Scavenger hunt
    • 9:30-10:15 Wrestling Technique – Rider Wrestling Chad Walsh
    • 10:15-10:45 3 legged races, water balloon toss
    • 10:45-11:30 Wrestling Live – Rider Wrestling Chad Walsh
    • 11:30-12:00 “Eat Clean Bro” Lunch
    • 12:00-12:45 Pool & Water bottle run challenge (Northwestern Jug Run)
    • 12:45-1:00 Pick up


    • 9:00-9:30 Police/Fire safety
    • 9:30-10:15 Wrestling Technique – Rutgers Wrestling (Scott Goodale & Anthony Perrotti)
    • 10:15-10:45 Strength & Conditioning (Ryan Lyons) sled pushes, tire flips, etc.
    • 10:45-11:30 Wrestling Live Situations – Rutgers Anthony Perrotti
    • 11:30-12:00 “Eat Clean Bro” Lunch
    • 12:00-12:45 Pool & Kickball/Handball
    • 12:45-1:00 Pick up


    • 9:00-9:30 Steal the Bacon/Tug of War – Activity
    •  9:30-10:15 Wrestling Technique – Penn State Wrestling Nick Suriano
    • 10:15-10:45 Tail tag/ Dodgeball
    • 10:45-11:30 Wrestling Live – Penn State Wrestling Nick Suriano
    • 11:30-12:00 “Eat Clean Bro” Lunch
    • 12:00-12:45 Pool
    • 12:45-1:00 Pick up


    • 9:00-9:30 Iron Army Seminar (Frankie Edgar, Marlon Moraes & other UFC fighters)
    • 9:30-10:15 Wrestling Technique – Top & Bottom
    • 10:15-10:45 Fitness Course
    • 10:45-11:30 Wrestling Live
    • 11:30-12:00 “Eat Clean Bro” Lunch
    • 12:00-12:45 Pool
    • 12:45-1:00 Pick up


  • January13th

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    My purpose is to satisfy the needs of all wrestlers, those who are just beginning and those who are advanced into the wrestling process. With my most recent partnerships (announcing soon) with nutrition specialist and food prep guru we will be able to support more needs on and off the mat ensuring our member athletes are working at their full body potential for training and competition. Try a FREE NIGHT at any of the listed locations. We are Wrestling, Nutrition, Strength, Conditioning, Mindset, Academic Support, College Recruiting, Job Placement, Big Brothers & Sisters, Family… We are Elite Wrestling!

    Elite Wrestling – Jackson #JAX Grade School and High School Wrestlers meet for practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights. 6:00p GS and 7:30p HS. “The Barn” is located at 263 Jackson Pines Rd. Jackson, NJ 08527. Coaches include Steve Rivera, Scott Winston, Ryan Lyons, BJ Young, Dan Hopkins, Ted Burke, Zeke Flores, Bri Bogden and guest clinicians

    Elite Wrestling – Manalapan #MAN is our latest opening. Located in The Hot Corner 28 Harrison Ave. Manalapan, NJ 07726. Practices are Wednesday & Friday nights 6:00 Tots, 7:00 Grade School & High School Wrestlers. Coaches include Steve Rivera, Ryan Lyons, Ethan Waller and guests clinicians

    Elite Wrestling – Toms River #TR meets on Monday & Wednesday 6:00 Tots, 7:00 Grade School & High School Wrestlers. Located at 1740 Lakewood Rd (RT9). Toms River, NJ 08753. Coaches include Steve Rivera, Frankie Edgar, Vin Dellefave, Hayden Hrymack, Bill Carolan and guest clinicians

    Monday – Toms River
    Tuesday – Jackson
    Wednesday – Toms River, Manalapan
    Thursday – Jackson
    Friday – Manalapan
    Sunday – During regular season months at no additional charge

  • June30th

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    IMG_1719Once again we loaded up the RV and headed south to scrap with some of the countries best in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In all we had 5 teams compete which included 3 high school, 1 middle school, 1 elementary team. Our flagship team was in the high school division, Elite-Gold which finished the weekend 5-2. The weekend is long, the competition is fierce and the venue is like none you’ve seen before. 50 mats down and busy with wrestling and some of the best talent from across the country.

    The wrestling weekend is an amazing experience for the kids, parents and coaches IMG_1667involved and its one of the events that we look forward to year after year. A special thank you to all the people that help me make this weekend happen. Most importantly I want to thank my coaches and their passion to support this trip like they do. If I didn’t have them we wouldn’t be able do this on this large scale and that would be a shame cause we impact many on this trip, So Thanks!

    Between Steve and Lisa Goebel there are close to 500 pictures to review. We tried our best to action shots of everyone on every team. Lisa’s Pictures , Steve’s Pictures on shutterfly.

  • June30th

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    gym1Good Luck with the UFC Gym Frank!

    Frankie Edgar’s UFC GYM in North Brunswick, conveniently located on Route 1 North, just north of Adams Ln, offers classes for every fitness level. Whatever your fitness goals are: lose weight, increase strength, sports conditioning, we have daily classes including boxing, kickboxing, functional training, youth programs, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & personal training to help you reach those goals. Signature clubs also include group training classes like Yoga, Zumba, Cycling; have a full café, the Armbar, with all the nutrition & supplements you’ll need to maintain your fitness gains. Our location also includes full Men’s & Women’s locker rooms with showers & saunas. Gym Location: 1846 US Highway 1, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

    Frankie Edgar starts new adventure as UFC Gym Owner

    Frankie Edgar is more than just a fighter.

    Sure, the No. 2 ranked featherweight is best known for his exploits inside the Octagon, but Edgar wears plenty of other hats: teammate, TV analyst, husband, father, and entrepreneur.

    “The Answer” is one of many UFC stars who has a burgeoning portfolio of interests as he owns a wrestling school in his hometown of Toms River, NJ, and today adds to that by announcing that he is opening a UFC GYM.

    “It’s intertwined with what I do now, so I think it makes sense,” Edgar said about his plans to open a UFC GYM in North Brunswick, NJ. “It’s something I’m interested in and I’m passionate about it – I’m going to be working out for the rest of my life, I might as well have a place to do it at.”
    This isn’t something that happened overnight. Edgar started the process of looking for a location over two years ago. But things have come together, construction is underway and pre-sale memberships are currently available.gym4

    “We’re excited to partner with an athlete like Frankie, who embodies fitness, conditioning, endless energy and integrity beyond reproach,” UFC GYM CEO Brent Leffel said in a statement. “Combining Frankie’s passion for fitness with the UFC GYM brand is a great fit and we’re excited to show the North Brunswick community what we have to offer.”

    With the announcement, Edgar joins UFC Hall of Famer and former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn (Hawaii) and UFC featherweight contender Cub Swanson (Costa Mesa, CA), and former WEC champion and current No. 2 bantamweight Urijah Faber (Rocklin, CA) as the only UFC athletes who are also UFC GYM owners. Swason and Faber’s gyms are slated to open later this year.

    According to Edgar, his facility will be over 25,000 square-feet and will include brand new strength and conditioning equipment, a full bag room, studios for training, a 30-foot Octagon and much more. This location, which is slated to open this spring, will serve as the largest UFC GYM in the state, with Edgar personally participating and overseeing the gym.

    But for the 34-year-old former UFC champion, this is about more than business. This UFC GYM not only allows him to share his lifelong passion of fitness and mixed martial arts, but also allows the proud New Jersey native to give something back to his community.

    “The lifestyle of a gym, especially the UFC, is something that any family or single person can benefit from within the community,” Edgar said. “When you belong to a gym like this that’s a close knit circle, you feel like you are part of something and it’s something very positive obviously – working out, being fit and socializing with good people is something that everybody could use.

    “This isn’t just for UFC fighters – anybody can walk in. Any athlete or any mom, a kid can come in there and just get a workout. It doesn’t have to be fight-based. That’s one of the things that we offer that really no one else does – a mom can come in and do her Fight FIT classes while her kid does Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling or kickboxing. I think that’s something unique that we are able to offer.

    “I want people to realize that we are making a great effort to bring them something special here.”

    Article Written by: Jorge A. Mondaca – Managing editor at UFC.com