Elite Wrestling New Jersey


Has proven to be one of the country’s best wrestling training program. Beginner to advanced experience, we offer the resources it takes to be the best. Throughout Elite’s existence we have created some of the best wrestlers of the time as the cycle roll through. Renowned wrestlers developed at Elite Include Brian Hamann, Brendan Keller, Nick Zak, John Appice, Maaziah Bethea, Brian Broderick, Ray Bethea, Dallas Winston, Lex Knapp, Brandon Keller, Scott Winston, Vin Dellefave, Jim Lawson, Matt Oliver, Luke Lanno, Dan Seidenberg, Vin Salek, Kevin Davis, Mike Denver, BJ Young, Blaine Woszcak, Canaan Bethea, Brian Hamann, Andrew Marr and UFC Lightweight World Champion Frankie “The Answer” Edgar to name a few.


We emphasize performance on the mat, in the classroom and at home. With our proven results you can expect new confidence, focus and determination in your wrestler. Our system reinforces important life values which include but are not limited to: Sacrifice, Dedication, Hard Work, Pride and Family


Elite stands alone for providing personalized mentoring, instruction and training for beginner to advanced wrestlers. With a long list of proven winners, and an even longer list of long-time wrestlers, Elite has proven that our system builds a love for the challenge and the rewards. #EliteForLife


Mat awareness, wrestling theory, Hand & Head Fighting, SetUps, High-Mid-Low Attacks, Inside Leg Attacks, Outside Leg Attacks, Underhooks, Overhooks, Finishes, Counters, Defense, Leg Riding, Front Head, Tilts, Bars, Rides, Pins …and whatever else it takes to be the best!


In addition to wrestling, Elite prides itself on developing true Student / Athletes. We have relations with most wrestling college and universities. Elite Wrestlers have attended or enrolled in UNC-Chapel Hill, UPenn, Drexel, Lock Haven, Rutgers, Rider, Ithaca, Newberry, Texas A&M, TCNJ, Johnson & Wales, UT-Chatanooga, Penn State, Iowa, Cornell, Duke, Brown, Wisconsin, Hofstra, Columbia, Univ of Maryland, Princeton, Harvard, University of Virginia, Bucknell, University of Indiana, Sentinary College, Bucknell, McDaniels College, George Mason University, NC State, Cambell University, US Marines, US Army