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08/25/14 Are you All In?

Are you all in? Are you committed? Its a simple question. If you have to think about it the answer is likely no. I have been asked, what does being all in mean? How do I know if I am REALLY committed?

My definition of Commitment/All In: Pursuing your goal fiercely regardless of Circumstances. Whether things are going well, average, or poorly a true commitment entails constant pursuit of your goal despite internal or external factors.


1. Your goal is to be state champion. Whether you won a state title or were 0-33 last year you remain determined in pursuing your goal. You continue to find ways to improve and get closer to your goal each day- physically, technically, mentally, nutritionally, spiritually, emotionally, etc. 

2. You commit to a challenging school/university. Whether school is a breeze or you are struggling to pass classes you refuse to give up or even slow down. You find a way to pass each class, even if you have to attend study hall, office hours, and spend countless hours learning new material. 

3. Marriage. Maybe the perfect example. If you get married in the Church you exchange vows which symbolize commitment and being all in perfectly: In good times and bad, in sickness and health, till death do us part. Full commitment demands finding ways to improve and grow in challenging times. 

It takes courage to go all in. It takes love and passion to go all in. And of course it takes hard work and extreme focus to go all in. But when all is said and done, the payoff for those willing to commit and go all in for a good cause or goal is tremendous. You have given yourself the best chance possible to succeed and have lived a goal/value centered life. Your goals or values will have dictated your behavior. This way whether you win, lose, or draw you have become the person you set out to be. 

Go All in and Commit to Greatness!

07/11/14 10 things Parents can do to help their kids wrestle their Best

1. Verbally & Non-verbally communicate you believe in them. Kyle Dake said his mom told him he could do anything dozens of times every day!

2. Verbally & Non-verbally communicate that you accept them, love them, & are proud of them NO MATTER WHAT. Reinforce winning, perfection, & success are much lower on your priority list than their fun, happiness, & enjoyment- you might be surprised how much more success this brings with it.

3. Praise their performance, not their outcome. You want to complement a kid for positive qualities like wrestling hard, taking chances, going for moves, staying positive, maintaining composure, never quitting, etc. The wrestler mastering these qualities will eventually be the one who succeeds. Complementing them too much for winning teaches them that winning is all that matters, and by default losing disappoints you. 

4. Ask your kid permission before giving your opinion/criticism. Ie. Would you mind my opinion… (This gives the kid a sense of power during a sensitive interaction).

5. Don’t always talk about wrestling too much at home. Let your kid bring it up first most of the time. Let your home be a place of peace, positivity, & mental recovery.

6. Be positive & supportive. 9 out of 10 times, this is what your kid would like.

7. If you read the forums, newspapers, rankings, box scores, DON’T talk about it with your kid. 

8. Know your role. Wrestlers wrestle. Coaches coach. Officials officiate. Parents parent. And there should be very little, if any, overlap between them.

9. Don’t make match/tournament day special. Your kids can sense this & it usually leads to them doing the same thing. You want them treating everything the same, so should you.

10. When in doubt- LAY OFF! This is tough to do, but it is often the right thing to do, especially when you know your kid is already serious about the sport. 

Note: Most people, no matter how old they are, want to make their parents proud. People are keenly aware of their parent’s judgments & opinions of their parents more than anyone else. Even the highest level wrestlers I have worked with are sensitive to the verbal & non-verbal praise and critique of their parents. Know this- you have the power to help them or hurt them more than anyone else in the world.

Wrestling Mindset is doing revolutionary things! ONLY In our 12 Month Mindset Commitment, we include a full Parent & Coach Inventory which offers Mindset Guide for the Wrestler, their Coaches, & their Parents- no one is left out, nothing is left to chance. This is a small excerpt from the Parent Mindset Guide. For more information on the 12 Month Mindset Commitment Program, check it out here-

06/02/14 4 Observations from the World Team Trials

1. What you do OFF the mat is as important as what you do ON the mat. Our world team members live the LIFESTYLE that allows them to compete at their highest level. They stay out of trouble, live lives of FAITH, remain humble, and focus on the things most people neglect- nutrition, proper sleep and recovery, mental training, etc. Technique, drilling and live wrestling is important, but in reality it is a small part of a normal day. What are you doing the other 20 hours?

2. Our World Team members EXPECT to win GOLD medals. You never stumble upon greatness. You never win a tournament you don’t expect to win. The harsh reality though is that not everyone at the Trials was there to win it. Of course everyone wanted to win, but not everyone EXPECTED to win. The same thing goes with the Worlds and Olympics. No one whose goal is to Medal will win the tournament. Tony Ramos said it well in his interview this weekend. Too many wrestlers are setting their goals to medal in the Worlds or Olympics. All you are doing is limiting yourself. Why create a limit? If you are good enough to Medal you are good enough to WIN!

3. Score and keep scoring! This seems to be the success motto of champions. Holding leads is not going to work at the elite level. Wrestlers are too good at this level to not be able to find a way to score on a wrestler just looking to hold on. When you stop looking to score you are a sitting duck on the verge of disappointment. Think Metcalf, Burroughs, and Ruth. They are always on the attack regardless of the score. 

4. A strong faith replaces fear and limits. Look further into our World Team members. They have a strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I asked Tervel Dlagnev his mental edge when competing. He said, “my faith in Jesus Christ reminds me that I should have no fear but to fear the Lord so I go out and open up!” Once our fears are conquered we can compete at our highest level. When we have Faith we know that through Him all things are possible. This gives us the courage to dream big and pursue our goals fearlessly.

05/27/14 4 ways to become a more confident wrestler

Many wrestlers hold themselves back in matches and perform poorly under pressure. They lack Kyle Dake confidence that they can overcome any situation in a match. They lack David Taylor guts to pull the trigger when they see an opportunity. 

 Maybe Kyle Dake and David Taylor have it naturally. More than likely they have learned it over time. Here are some quick steps to building confidence: 

1. Make list of your best past performances (practice or matches). This doesn’t necessarily mean only wins. Many wrestlers focus too much on what they need to improve and not enough on what they are good at. You need to look at this Confidence list often to KNOW you are a great wrestler. 

 2. Watch great performances of other wrestlers who use similar technique.Wrestlers need to KNOW that their technique works at their current level and at the highest level. 

 3. Make list of music, movies, quotes that make you feel good. The more motivated and happier you are, the more confident you will become. 

 4. Improve body language. When you act confident, you become more confident. This is a fact that has been studied significantly. Fake it until you make it.

04/07/14 Wrestling Mindset Step by Step Process

Step 1- Determining your Goals (both Short & Long Term) and creating an action plan. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Step 2- Developing Mental Toughness- This is the foundation of all Sport Psychology. Without it your dreams and passion will either fade or lead to their own destruction.Step 3- Identifying your Motives and personal Motivation Buttons. Everyone encounters difficulty and hardship. Without the proper Motivation it will be impossible to endure with passion.Step 4- Learning to Compete and Live in the Moment. This is the essence of true concentration and focus. When you learn to throw out the trash (eliminate distractions keeping you from this moment) you will be able to concentrate all of your energy on the task or performance at hand.Step 5- Developing Poise and learning to Relax under Pressure. Pressure changes everything. Luckily, pressure is not real (thanks Kyle Dake) it is something we put on ourselves. In this phase, we develop the poise needed to bring out our best performance. We learn to transform nerves/fear into energy and power.Step 6- Building Confidence. It is one thing to say that you are Confident. It is another thing to honestly believe you are the best wrestler in the state, nation, or world. At this step, we learn to stop placing limits on ourselves. We use all of our experiences, training, and belief to proceed confidently towards our goals regardless of past failures/setbacks.Step 7- Competing with Clarity and a Clear Mind. The goal of Wrestling Psychology is to get wrestlers to stop holding themselves back and to compete at their full potential. Studies show that athletes compete best with a clear mind. This may explain why there are so many practice room wrestlers. In the practice room they wrestle with a clear mind, but in matches their Mind fills up with useless thoughts. At this stage, we learn to Empty our Minds, release the Emergency Brake, & Pull the Trigger in matches.

03/27/14 Was Chris Perry Born to Win?

No one is born great are they? Of course not…well its sort of complicated. The great motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.” 

Let’s look at  some of Chris Perry’s family: John Smith (uncle)-6x World Champion, Mark Perry Jr. (brother) 2x NCAA Champion, and Mark Perry Sr. (father) 2x All American.Without a doubt, the knowledge and experience coming  from his family is second to none. The thing that isn’t talked about as much is the Power of Positive Expectations.”Whether you think you can or think you can’t- you are right”-Henry Ford- When you expect greatness you give yourself a chance to achieve it. Rarely does anyone ever stumble upon greatness. (self fulfilling prophecy)- When you are around others who have achieved a similar goal you are more likely to believe that you can achieve it. (confidence from others performance)- When someone we admire and respect genuinely believes in us, it makes a greater impact than others.- Work ethic increases when we have faith in the result. People start to slack off when they feel hopeless. When we have a clear vision of success we tend to work harder. Ponder this question- Will you spend an extra 2 hours a day training your Mindset? How about if you knew 100% you would win an NCAA title next year if you did so? Of course there are no guarantees, but if you have positive expectations and Faith, you are much more likely to put in extra time.With a family pedigree Chris has, also comes a tremendous amount of pressure. Pressure can break you or pressure can help you break records. The Perry family understands the concept of pressure very well. And it appears that they have this one covered. I’ve heard both Chris Perry and John Smith say, “Pressure is a Privilege.” This privilege has helped him to break records.I don’t believe that Chris Perry was simply born to win. But it appears Chris Perry has used the Power of Positive Expectations to his advantage. So should you! Expect greatness and train as if you WILL win a state, national, or world title next year!

03/17/14 Three reasons it doesn’t matter who you Wrestle

1. The focus should always be on your Effort & Attitude. If your Mindset is right you should look no different in your preparation before a match or in your level of Intensity during a match, whether you are in the national finals or wrestling an early season Saturday morning dual meet. Regardless of your opponent your effort and Intensity level is sky high and your Attitude is positive.
2. Everyone can be beat. No one wears an S on their chest. Even Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite. We have seen all the greats lose- Jordan Burroughs, Dan Gable, Alexander Karelin, Kyle Dake, Logan Stieber, David Taylor, Ed Ruth and on and on. Top seeds get knocked off all the time, upsets happen, so why not be the guy who beats the “unbeatable”.3. A true Competitor is not afraid to lose. Looking back I don’t regret the matches I lost because I always battled hard. What I regret is the times I didn’t seek out the best possible competition to improve and put myself in difficult situations which would help me down the line. A true competitor knows that failure is not final it is feedback. Winners lose more than losers lose. Winners go for it a lot! But in the long run they are MUCH better because of it.

03/12/2014 NJ State Finals- The Slightest Margin for Error

Five finals matches went into overtime and 12 out of 14 matches were decided by three or less points. The margin for error was so small in almost every finals match and in so many other matches down in Atlantic City. What was the determining factor in each match? Was it strength, speed, technique, confidence, conditioning, nutrition, awareness, luck or another factor?

It is difficult to determine exactly what made the difference in each match, but it certainly wasn’t much. This is the reason we preach a holistic approach to wrestling. You really need to be the total package and do all the little things right all the time to give yourself a fighting chance. Maybe other people can get away with doing things right only 90% percent of the time. Most people however cannot.Nowadays it isn’t enough to simply outwork your opponent in the wrestling room. Almost everyone wrestles year round and works hard in the wrestling room. What else are you doing to create that slight edge and to win those close matches? If you think things like partying, drinking, smoking, and dipping in the off season are not going to affect you in these close matches you are a fool.When we compete and wrestle it isn’t simply you versus your opponent. It is your lifestyle versus his/her lifestyle. Now I am not saying that the “better” man always wins. BUT at some point in your career you will be in a close match. Maybe in the state finals, maybe in the medal round, maybe to qualify for the districts or regions. Chances are you are one or two points better if you cover all bases throughout the year. It may just make the difference.3 different teams representing 4 state finalists used our Season Mindset Program this year. All four of the finalists won, and all 3 of these teams won their state sectionals. I am not here to say that our program is the reason they won. I will tell you that these teams/wrestlers leave no stone unturned in their quest to be the best. Something has to separate these wrestlers in these close matches whether it is Strength & Conditioning, Mindset training, Nutrition, or some other factor.It hurts to watch people fall short of their goals when they work so hard. I’ve been there and my brothers have been there. It is frustrating and even heartbreaking to lose or fall short of a goal. BUT what is even more frustrating and sad is losing because you did not perform at your potential or because you didn’t live the lifestyle that would have gave you the BEST chance to win.Cover all bases this year. Join a wrestling club, sign up for wrestling specific strength training, work with a Mindset coach, get a nutritionist, stop drinking/smoking, get away from people who are holding you back. The margin for error is so small. Get that slight edge this off season. Live right. Make sure your lifestyle gives you the right to win. Improve your habits each day and those close battles will be yours.

03/03/14 7 Keys to Success during Championship Weekend

1. Bombard yourself with positive thoughts and focus on your strengths. This is not the time to be critical of yourself. Dwelling on setbacks, losses, injuries or weaknesses will only hurt confidence. We recommend our athletes watch their highlight tapes and best performances leading up to championship weekend. Watch yourself execute technique and compete fearlessly. You are good enough to get the job done. See it, believe it, achieve it!

2. Ensure proper Energy Management. Now is the time to shorten workouts and avoid over training. The work is in the bank, don’t try to cram a ton of work in the last few weeks of the season. On match day try not to think about wrestling until you begin your warm up. Mental and Emotional stress (from thinking about your opponent and matches) will drain your battery even faster than Physical stress. In between rounds, don’t watch much wrestling. Jordan Burroughs admits that he does not watch a lot of wrestling when competing as this only makes him more nervous. Focus on rehydrating, refueling, and relaxing in between rounds. Listen to music, talk to people who will help you relax, get some fresh air, or do some deep breathing.

3. Visualize yourself warming up, competing, and executing technique in the arena. Be as vivid as possible, using as many senses as possible. Limit this to 10-15 minutes a day to avoid Mental and Emotional Stress from thinking too much about wrestling.

4. Act more Confident. The fastest way to feel more confident is to act more confident. Walk with purpose and swagger, control your breathing, and smile. Studies show that confidence is synthesized simply by acting more confidently.

5. Focus on winning positions and scoring points rather than on the match outcomes. If you get taken down to your back don’t panic and begin thinking about how you will win the match. Focus on scoring the next point and then the next point and on and on. Our effort and attitude are 2 things we always control. These levels should be sky high, while you relentlessly try to win each position and score the next point for the duration of the match. If you do this, good things tend to happen and the outcome will take care of itself.

6. Plan on winning each match 2 or 3 times. Bad call no takedown, that’s okay get another takedown. This philosophy is taken from Team USA head coach Zeke Jones. Never assume the calls will go your way. Take the refs out of the match and win the match again if you have to without complaining. You have a huge advantage if you take this attitude into each match, because your opponent likely will not.

7. Stay away from people who add pressure or cloud your mind. The further into the postseason the more coaches (club coach. personal coach, strength coach, mindset coach), family members and friends will be in attendance. Don’t feel obligated to talk to anyone in between each round. Less is more sometimes.

02/24/14 How Nervousness can help you wrestle better

The way I see it, you can look at nervousness one of two ways.

1- Nervousness means I am under pressure, afraid, shaky, etc.
2- Nervousness means I am spirited, full of adrenaline, human, focused, etc.

Great wrestlers and competitors perceive nervousness as the latter. They look at it from a positive light, as something that makes them stronger, faster, and sharper.

This past fall we asked a bunch of top wrestlers and coaches about their Mental Edge when they competed. All American Darren Schulman said his Mental Edge is that he knew he would wrestle his best in matches/tournaments because he had extra adrenaline. Cael Sanderson said that he and other great wrestlers looked at pre-match nervousness as being spirited and ready to go.

We all feel some nervousness before a match. Heroes and cowards have the same feelings/emotions. They simply perceive them and act differently. Both the hero and the coward feel nervous as they contemplate running into a burning building. The coward likely perceives the nervousness as fear and doesn’t approach the building. The hero may perceive these nerves as adrenaline or simply normal BUT acts anyway and runs in.

The bottom line- you have a choice. Perceive the nervousness as pressure and fear OR perceive the nervousness as being human, spirited and full of adrenaline. The choice is yours!

02/17/14 Turning Injuries & Losses into Success this Postseason

Maybe you suffered an injury this season that kept you inactive for a while, maybe you lost to several opponents that you know you are better than. None of this matters at this point. In fact, the only thing that matters and will directly effect your postseason success is the way that you interpret these events (injuries, losses, illness, etc.).

Lets take two who wrestlers who suffered similar losses to opponents they “should have” beat. One wrestler interprets this loss as a sign that they are not improving and that they are in a “funk”. The other wrestler views this loss as the best thing that could happen to them. They learn a technical lesson from the match, they use it as motivation, it helps them focus, and so on. Logan Stieber is a good example of this. After he lost a match earlier this season, he said that the loss is the best thing that could have happened to him. Since then he has dominated every opponent he has faced.
Lets look at two wrestlers who were sidelined with injuries for a few weeks/months during the season. One wrestler interprets this injury as huge setback. “I lost too much time, my shoulder is holding me back, I will never be healthy again” and so on. Maybe they self handicap and use this as an excuse for the rest of the season. Another wrestler looks at the injury and “time off” as the best thing that happened to them. They say things like, “I really benefited from the time off, that was a well needed break, I got to fully recover and grow stronger, this injury allowed me to step back and add perspective to my career, I am a better wrestler because of the injury”
Whether the loss or the injury ACTUALLY is the best thing for you and your career is irrelevant. All that REALLY matters is how you interpret the situation. When I worked on Wall Street there was a common expression- Perception is 90% of Reality. Without a doubt this applies to wrestling as well. The way you perceive an event is 90% of reality.
If you believe a loss or an injury made you better or stronger, then it probably did or will. Conversely, if you think a loss or an injury is going to hold you back or hurt your performance, than it probably will. Injuries, losses, and other “setbacks” are only negatives if you view them as such.
At this point in the season, you need to believe that everything that happened to you throughout the season and your career is the BEST thing that could have happened to you. Any injury or loss or sickness, is part of your unique training that will only make you stronger.
Mindset Tip for wrestlers struggling with confidence from previous losses or injuries: Make a long list of other wrestlers who suffered losses and injuries during the season, who came back stronger and won district, state, or national titles. Do some research if you have to, but I think you’ll find that you aren’t the only one in this situation. Many others have comeback successfully, why not you? Start interpreting “setbacks” as your own unique story and training that is making you stronger!

02/09/14 6.5 Ways Wrestlers Kill Postseason Performance

1. Becoming too much of a fan, instead of a competitor. Stop reading the papers and forums. Throw away any rankings or predictions you see. When you compete in a tournament- stop watching too much wrestling. It usually makes wrestlers more nervous, less focused, and more aware of the crowd and other external factors. Instead focus on your own performance. You are 0-0 now. Ranking and predictions mean nothing.2. Focusing too much on winning. This adds pressure and does little to help you. Focus on scoring points and winning each position. The result will take care of itself.3. Blaming the referee. Bad calls happen, mistakes are made and if you are in NJ you are going to get hit with stalls on top in the third period. You cannot control the ref, but you CAN control how you react to them. If you thought you had a TD, stop complaining and get another one. If you got hit with a stall on top, be creative and find a way to score back points or get another TD. Remember, “Sometimes you have to win the match two or three times”-Zeke Jones. Control the things you CAN control, your EFFORT and ATTITUDE.4. Wrestling like you have something to defend aka wrestling not to lose. Maybe you won a district, state, or national title last season. Go after it again with the same fearlessness. Don’t let last year’s title slow you down. Take chances and pull the trigger again.5. Not controlling everything you can control. Better Nutrition and Sleep Habits lead to less weight cutting, more energy, and a better mood. A good prematch routine helps you compete more confidently, relaxed, and focused. Don’t leave these aspects to chance. These little things win the close matches.6. Giving any opponent too much respect. Anyone following HS or college wrestling this season should have learned that they ALL can be beat. Go after each opponent with the same intensity, regardless of his name. No one is invincible, everyone has a breaking point, ALL are vulnerable. Expect to win, believe in yourself even if no one else does. “Upsets” start in the Mind of the “underdog”. See it, believe it, achieve it.6.5 Smoking, drugs, alcohol, dipping, etc. I wish I didn’t even have to mention this one, but unfortunately I see it all too much. In terms of performance, smoking and dipping increases heart rate and constricts blood vessels (obviously poor for endurance) and alcohol decreases testosterone. You are a fool if you think these things are going to get you closer to your postseason goals.

02/03/14 David Taylor’s Greatest Asset

What is the Magic Man’s greatest asset? 

Technique, speed, power, timing, conditioning, and on and on. Don’t get me wrong he has those too, but his greatest asset is his Confidence.I believe this is what separates David Taylor from the pack. Before each match, he KNOWS he is going to score a ton of points, he KNOWS he is going to get 5 or 6 takedowns and a few sets up back points. Combine this supreme Confidence with the other attributes and you put points on the scoreboard.DT is constantly moving forward, pressing the action, and looking to score points. He proceeds confidently knowing he WILL score points in each position.A big part of our Mindset Training is spent focusing on two principles with our wrestlers.(1) Constantly look to score points, no matter what the score. (never sit on leads, hold back or go down without swinging)(2) Believing that you WILL score points from each position. (this one takes much more training but separates the good from the great)The Magic Man is a physical force no doubt, but his Confidence is what blows his matches wide open.Mark Twain put it well, “To succeed in life you need two things- ignorance and confidence.” The wrestler who has BOTH ignorance and confidence is the wrestler who has a CHANCE to beat the Magic Man.From a Mental and Physical standpoint though, you got to love David Taylor. He wrestles with confidence and swagger that I use as a model to almost all my athletes. Technique and physicality will take you far, but Confidence will take you to the Top!

01/28/14 Top 10.5 Tournament Mindset Tips

1. Recharge your battery in between rounds. Detach yourself emotionally and mentally from other matches during the day. Don’t watch too much wrestling. Get out of the tournament area when there is some time to do so. Leave the building and get some fresh air if you can.2. Do not make the tournament into an event. You wrestle several matches each practice. This is no different.3. Don’t spend too much time looking at brackets. (1) All you need to know is who you’re wrestling and your mat number. You do not need to read every name, since you will probably only wrestle 4 or 5 people there anyway. (2) Over-analysis of brackets leads you to “looking ahead” and playing “what if” scenarios in your head. (3) Brackets can make the tournament into more of an “event” which could add pressure.4. Stay away from negative people/small time thinkers. Upsets happen to even the best wrestlers. They all can be beat. No one is superhuman. The only person in the building who needs to believe in you is YOU.5. Stay away from people who make you overthink or add pressure (certain team coaches, private coaches, parents, friends, teammates).6. Stay positive and BELIEVE in yourself even when it’s tough to do so. Part of being mentally tough means staying stubbornly positive and optimistic despite adversity.7. In between each match, get a drill in to get back to that good feeling. Drilling for feel, not analysis, helps you regroup and improve confidence.8. Wrestle a practice match before you wrestle your first actual match (get the bad match out of you).9. Don’t over or under eat/drink. Be full, but stop when you’re full. You should be fully hydrated when you compete.10. Stay in the present moment. Don’t look ahead or behind. If you lost or wrestled poorly, do NOT let the same opponent beat you twice. On the other side of the coin, do not celebrate or become too content when you place, qualify, pull off a big upset, or fulfill/exceed other people’s expectations of you. Keep wrestling hard and hungry.10.5 Listen to Mid-Tournament Mindset MP3 files on your Ipod/Smartphone to stay in your own head->http://www.wrestlingmindset.com/store.html

01/20/14 Are you Confident enough to Win in March?

If I could sum up the post season in one word it would be Confidence. I believe that Confidence is what separates good wrestlers from great wrestlers. 
The wrestlers that win State and National Championships don’t stumble upon their wins. Ask any of them. They expected to Win going into the tournament. Now this of course does not guarantee success, but it gives you a fighting chance. If you aren’t confident that you will win or execute your technique in certain matches or against certain opponents, chances are you won’t… EVER. At some point, whether in practice or in your Mental Training you must the develop Confidence to get to the next level.I look at David Taylor as an excellent example. He is far from a physical specimen- doesn’t appear to be the strongest or fastest guy out there. His technique is fairly predictable at this point. His Confidence, however, is the among the best I’ve seen and I think separates him from the other wrestlers. He KNOWS he is going to get 5 or 6 takedowns out there. He KNOWS he is going to find a way to put his opponents on their back. He KNOWS he is going to score big points each time he goes out on the mat.He has developed nearly unstoppable confidence in his technique, ability to score, and crush his opponents. Confidence is what separates you from executing technique against your best opponents and ultimately beating them.Hard work will without a doubt improve your confidence, but what happens when everyone else is working their tail off?This is when Mental Training becomes essential. I believe that the higher the level of wrestling, the more Mental the sport is. At a high level (state finals, national finals, etc.) you better be using the Mental tools to ensure that you are Confident every single time you step on the mat and every time you Pull the Trigger and go after your technique.This includes personal Motivation, Body Language, Visualization, and on and on. Confidence is not optional at the highest levels, it is absolutely mandatory. Do everything in your power to Improve Confidence before and during competition and you will have the ability to Jump Levels and win more.For some Wrestling Mindset Training  check out out Confidence Crash Course.
Remember, a Confident wrestler is a better wrestler!

01/12/14 20 Mindset Tips to tell your Wrestlers

1. Constantly look to score. Focus on putting points on the board, not winning the match

2. Score the next point. Each moment of wrestling.3.  Win the battle off the whistle. (top and bottom)4. Look to turn and pin (don’t just ride).5. Your tie or no tie. Never hang-out in his tie-up. Don’t “hang-out” in your tie-up either.Move him and score.6. Take the most risks and score the most points. Don’t “feel him” out.7. Be the last one wrestling (at end of periods and by the out of bounds).8. Be the most intense person on the mat.9. Feel good out there. Keep that good feeling the whole match no matter what.10. Have fun. It’s just a game out there. Don’t blow it out of proportion.11. Win the match 2 or 3 times. Don’t get frustrated/mad/hang head after a bad call, mistake,opponent comes back, etc. Beat him again.12. Be quick but don’t hurry.13. Control the pace/tempo. Don’t “wait and see.”14. Finish the period on top.15. Blow him away! It doesn’t have to be close. Step on their throat and make them rememberyou.16. JUST..WRESTLE..Don’t overthink/overanalyze.17. Score last! Don’t sit on leads. Put the match away.18. Pull the trigger. Be the one to go. Err on the side of gutsy.19. Win all overtimes. Dig down deep and let your heart show during the match.20. Wrestle in the moment. Refocus immediately after mistakes/bad calls.

01/06/14 How to Avoid the Midseason Funk/Blues

We’re about at that point half way through the season where things become very routine, boring, monotonous. We approach wrestling as another day in the office. We get down about having to cut weight sometimes multiple times a week. How do we rise up and overcome?Anyone who has follow Wrestling Mindset for any amount of time knows that we don’t focus on outcomes, but instead the process. Like any good rule though, there are always some exceptions- this being one of them. There are two times we shift our focus from process to outcome- when we are feeling lazy and when we feel like giving up. Mid-Season funk/blues is likely a mild symptom of this extreme attitude.To overcome you need to revisit your 5 Goal Setting Worksheets you filled out. Remind yourself of the short term and long term goals you have for yourself. Also remind yourself that sometimes it is darkest before the dawn. The world is full of many, many “almost haves” who packed it in just before they accomplished something. I could not tell you their names because they quit on themselves. I can think of a few friends of mine, but those names wouldn’t mean anything to you. Do you know anyone in yoir life who was on the verge of achievement before they quit? Just some food for thought.This is a also good time of the year to go back to your Enjoyment List. This is the comprehensive list you created with all the things you love/like about wrestling other than just winning. I know we all want to win and love to win, but there has to be more than just that. You can win at baseball, football, judo, and even checkers. What do you love about wrestling? The bigger the list the better and the less likely you are to feel these “mid season blues”.Another cause of this feeling is a lack of proper mental focus. If you are so focused on winning and losing and rankings, losses and upsets can really derail your positive mindset. This would take too long to explain here. Your fastest route to change is our 10 day Crash Course in Confidence!Finally, remember that there is no such thing as mid-season blues. This is an entirely socially constructed concept. You can choose to break free at any point in time. Don’t let something that is not real hold YOU back!

12/23/13 Beast of the East/Iowa-Penn St Mindset Lesson-Keep Scoring

The biggest Mindset mistake I saw this weekend while attending the Beast of the East was that guys were shutting down their Offense way too early. 

The wrestlers who I watched make this mistake were not out of shape, they were controlling the pace of the match; however with one or two point leads going into the third period they shut down their Offense. Not surprisingly they were taken down or hit with stalling and lost. This is not a physical or technical problem, it is completely Mindset related.In a 6 minute match, 4 minutes in is way too early to switch to Defense mode. With 1/3 of the match left, it is simply unacceptable to stop focusing on scoring points. This goes back to one of our Top 10 Biggest Mental Mistakes- Wrestling not to Lose. It is imperative to Focus on Scoring Points/Winning Positions rather than winning the match.The wrestlers who focused on scoring more points, regardless of the score were the most successful. Nick Suriano and Johnny Sebastian of Bergen Catholic were on the constant attack scoring double digit points in most matches. David Taylor, St. John, Tony Ramos, and most of the Penn State team kept scoring points in the third period despite holding leads. This is the Mindset you need to be the very best and ultimately WIN. At some point wrestling NOT to Lose will cost you.I am not a big statistics person. but we conducted the study on points needed to win, in order to get our wrestlers to Focus on scoring points instead of wins and losses. Score 2 points you have  58% chance of winning. If you score 5 points you have an 80% chance of winning. Put up 10 points and you have a 97% chance to win. Much better odds!When you focus just on the win, you become complacent and stop scoring points later in the match once you hold a lead. This is a recipe for disaster. When you focus on scoring points and winning positions, the wins will come.Tips for Wrestlers-
1. Keep scoring points in the 3rd period if you have a lead, always focus on your offense.
2. Don’t leave it in the hands of the ref or your opponent.
3.  Impose YOUR will on your opponent. Your Offense!Tip for Coaches-
1. Recognize/applaud wrestlers who continue their offensive attacks after gaining leads.
2. Don’t make it ALL about the Win. If a wrestler Wins a match but holds onto a lead for a considerable time, let them know that they wrestled NOT to lose and this is unacceptable.
3. Ditch the “A win is a win” Mentality. It will hurt them more than it helps them.
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